The transformation of furniture industry chain from "mutual copying" to "independent innovation"

Since 2002, the total industrial output value of the furniture industry in Chengdu has grown at a rate of 20% per year. In 2013, the total output value reached 85 billion yuan.

"Furniture design, household materials, professional materials market as the upstream industrial chain of furniture, plays an important role in the development of furniture, but it is often overlooked, how to strengthen the attention of all links of the upstream industry chain of furniture, this problem It is worthy of our deep thought." Chen Daijun, general manager of Western International Furniture Materials Purchasing Center, told reporters at the 15th Chengdu International Furniture Production Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition.

In recent years, Chengdu's home furnishing industry has developed rapidly. The introduction of production equipment enterprises, the construction of raw and auxiliary materials enterprises, the layout of home stores, the improvement of the circulation system, and the acceleration of information construction, etc., Chengdu's home furnishing industry has achieved rapid development from furniture manufacturing. The development of the whole industry chain of the industry.

When the design of China's furniture industry is comparable to international brands, Chen Daijun told reporters that "innovation is the eternal theme of China's furniture industry, and "takenism" has become the habit of most designers. China's furniture enterprises should achieve From "mutual plagiarism" to "independent innovation", let our brands have their own DNA."

In addition, Chen Daijun also said that with the increasing quality of furniture materials in recent years, furniture materials should be transformed into “health and environmental protection”. Health and environmental protection are both the basic needs of consumers and the mainstream of furniture industry development. It is the primary move for furniture materials companies.

Finally, Chen Daijun also stressed that the management of the furniture industry should be developed from “extensive management” to “fine management” a few years ago, strengthen and improve the business skills training of employees, and gradually cultivate a group of high-quality enterprise management talents. To promote the development of the industry. In addition, it actively seeks cooperation with neighboring home industrial zones to enhance the deep docking and communication between upstream and downstream; strengthening cooperation among enterprises, design innovation, enhancing brand promotion and enhancing operational management capabilities are also important prerequisites for good development of enterprises.

For the future development of Chengdu's raw and auxiliary materials industry, Chen Daijun told reporters that "the western China market has great potential and superiors. In the future, Chengdu's raw and auxiliary materials industry should stand in the perspective of the development of the western home furnishing industry. It is proposed that enterprises with low added value and low production levels will be transferred or eliminated, resulting in a number of large-brand, high-tech materials companies and market platforms.

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