The daily and periodic maintenance work of printing equipment is the key

The core equipment of printing enterprises is printing equipment, which has a decisive position in printing enterprises. Therefore, to ensure the good operation of printing equipment is the focus of production management of printing enterprises. Only when the maintenance of the printing equipment is in place can the production of the printing enterprise be carried out smoothly.

In the printing production process, the printing team must have everyone care about the equipment, and everyone should care for the equipment, and must have a high sense of responsibility and mission. When we entered the factory, the master once taught "the factory is the face, the equipment is the eye", "love the equipment as if we love our own eyes", etc., so that we first establish the concept of caring for the equipment in our minds. During the production process, the operator should always pay attention to the status of the equipment, inspect the feeder, printing unit, paper collection section, wind cabinet, water tank and compressor for any abnormalities. Once abnormalities are found, they should be shut down in time, find the cause at any time, and eliminate Failure, kill the failure in the bud. The daily maintenance of equipment mainly includes the following parts.

(1) Every morning before the machine is turned on, the captain should check the CP window, LCD screen and console of the printing equipment for any abnormalities, and observe whether the fountain solution and powder in the fountain device and powder spray device are used up. Avoid dry pumping and spraying.

(2) Check whether the stopper on the ink fountain is pressed tightly to avoid ink leakage during the printing process, causing ink to accumulate on the side walls of the printing equipment.

(3) During the production process, the cuffs and hem of the operator's clothes should be fastened, the operator should wear soft-soled shoes, and no debris (such as plate cleaner, oil pot, car wash water and powder spray) is allowed to pile on the equipment pedal Etc.), when opening the baffle hood, it should be pulled gently, and it is not allowed to throw tools.

(4) Check the cleaning status of the impression cylinder and plate cylinder. Before the production in the morning, the plant is often quiet. At this time, the equipment should be operated at a low speed to check for abnormal sounds, listen carefully to the air path of each printing unit, and check the air pipes for aging cracks and cylinder leaks. Many printing companies do not pay attention to the problem of air leakage, they often overlook that air leakage will not only accelerate the aging of the air pump, but also cause the pressure of the water and ink in the production to be inadequate, which ultimately affects the quality of the print.

(5) Carry out daily maintenance in strict accordance with the operation manual every day, be careful and meticulous, be meticulous about the fueling point and cleaning point, and do not ignore maintenance or perfunctory because of production.

(6) Before leaving work every day, the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, the rubber rollers, plate cylinders, and impression cylinders of the ink and water channels should be cleaned, the ink fountain base of each printing unit should be removed, and the shoulder iron and squeegee should be cleaned. It took three days for the ink fountain film base of a printing enterprise to be removed and cleaned. However, it is known that it is easy to cause the ink fountain film base to wear through, causing the ink to flow to the ink key motor, causing the ink adjustment to fail, and the equipment to be difficult to operate normally.

Routine equipment maintenance is the key to equipment maintenance, and printing companies should pay enough attention to it. In addition, in the daily maintenance of equipment, printing companies should also pay attention to the glitches of equipment and deal with them in a timely manner, not overdue. Some printing companies are always blindly pursuing benefits, thinking that the operators stop maintenance equipment is "grinding foreign workers." Managers of printing enterprises should abandon this concept, on the contrary, operators who maintain equipment should be encouraged. The small problems of the equipment are just like the small problems on the human body, and it is necessary to deal with them in a timely manner, so as not to cause the consequences of "a minor illness drags a serious illness, a serious illness eats a tiger".

Periodic maintenance is essential

The equipment periodic maintenance is divided into monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance. Periodic maintenance items should be carried out in strict accordance with the Heidelberg operation manual. Team members must receive rigorous training before boarding the aircraft. The training content includes the equipment's oil eye, fueling point, maintenance details and maintenance content specified in the manual. Only after passing the exam can you take the post. Before each maintenance, the print shop supervisor should make a corresponding maintenance plan. Taking quarterly maintenance as an example, the quarterly maintenance time is 2 to 3 days. During maintenance, in addition to the requirements in the operation manual, the technical staff of the equipment department must also solve the failures that occur during normal work.

(1) First, use an industrial vacuum cleaner to vacuum the whole machine, clean the main and auxiliary water tanks, and replace the fountain solution and filter cotton in the water tank.

(2) For the Feida part, replace all the nozzle pieces of Feida, clean the lead screw, add oil to the gauge seat; check the Feida lift rail, chain, auxiliary paper lift rail, and add grease to the rail, gear, and chain ; Unscrew the air separation valve for dust removal and install it properly after cleaning; clean the suction nozzle and paper delivery nozzle; check whether the separation brush and the separation steel sheet need to be adjusted and replaced; check the air pipe and bottom gauge air pipe of the paper conveying plate , Adjust the valve, and stick the paper feeding belt; check whether the paper feeding wheel and the brush wheel need to be replaced; check the electric eye and clean it carefully; clean the pull gauge suction filter, and usually replace it after 10 months of use.

(3) For the printing part, all of the paper roller swing shaft, ink roller, transfer roller, water fountain roller, No. 3 ink roller (flat head roller), ink fountain roller, metering roller, ink fountain roller under the ink fountain roller Grease the grease nipple; remove the inner wall adjustment screw, dispose of the baffle, bracket, and accumulated ink; clean the inner wall of each group of printing units, clean the bumper, and the adjustment screws of each part of the plate clamp to make it move freely; open The outer cover checks the solenoid valves of each group of cylinders; cleans the water tank of each printing unit, scrapes off the deposited crystal deposits, checks and cleans the water level probe, the upper and lower water pipes; checks the roller opening the ball, rotates it by hand, feels its flexibility, if hair If it is astringent, it needs to be replaced; check whether the surface of all rollers is crystallized and accumulate ink. Use a micrometer to measure the dimensions of both ends and the middle of the ink roller. If they are inconsistent, it means that the ink roller is worn and needs to be replaced in time; check whether the bearings of all rollers need to be replaced .

(4) For the paper collection part, clean the paper collection row, paper collection chain, gear, and fill all the grease nipples; check whether the oil level of the chain is normal; clean the fans, check whether each fan needs to be replaced; Collect the paper chain groove, guide rail opening plate and track brush; check whether the reduction wheel is damaged, use an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the reduction guide plate, and wipe it clean.

(5) Stop, check the oil level of the whole machine, such as the oil level of the air compressor and the fan; clean the air filter; open the fan cabinet to check the motor, check the air duct and each group of air supply units; check the water cabinet, give the compressor Remove dust from the radiator; check whether all the buttons on the console of the CP window are flexible, and if it is not flexible, you need to replace it; clean the waste oil of the whole machine and the rotten paper under the machine.

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