Summer weather moody extreme climate test overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The weather in summer is moody, sometimes it rains when it is sunny, sometimes it is hot and low. However, the temperature in summer generally varies around ten degrees, and the ultimate climate tests the wardrobe in the home. So how to maintain the wardrobe in the summer home?

Wardrobe maintenance

First move: avoid direct sunlight

Summer sunshine is the first killer of the wardrobe. The ultraviolet rays in the summer sun are very strong. Whether it is solid wood, panel or fabric, the first protective measure is to avoid direct sunlight. There are two main methods: one is the wardrobe. When you put it, try to place it in a place where the sun can't reach.

The second is to take measures to separate the summer sun. If you can take the method of hanging tulle curtains, direct sunlight, neither affecting indoor lighting, but also protect the indoor wardrobe, both at the same time.

The second measure: avoid the air conditioning tuyere

Many people now have air conditioners installed in their homes. Due to the hot weather in summer, the air conditioners are basically open most of the time. At this time, the wardrobe should be kept away from the air conditioning vents to avoid huge temperature differences, causing cracks or premature aging of the wardrobe, especially the wooden wardrobe.

The third measure: leaving a gap between the wardrobe and the wall

In addition to hot and hot weather in summer, there are many wet and rainy weather. At this time, it is necessary to prevent various problems caused by the damp. So how should the wardrobe be protected from moisture at this time?

First of all, the wall closet should maintain a gap of 0.5-1 cm with the wall. Because of the dampness in summer, there will always be a resurgence on the wall. A layer of water drops often condenses on the wall. At this time, the wardrobe and the wall leave a gap. Leave a ventilation gap and reduce the chance of direct moisture.

The fourth measure: take measures to remove moisture

In the summer, how to condense water mist on the surface of the wardrobe, need to be treated in time, can be wiped off with a soft dry cloth, and let the room ventilate and dehumidify. If the ventilation and dehumidification effect is not obvious, you can also turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner or use some desiccant products to reduce the humidity of the room.

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