The price difference of indoor wooden door brands is essentially the difference of materials

The prospects of an industry can be good or bad, and the level of attention from the industry can also be seen. The brand portfolio of the interior door market is mainly composed of several types of enterprises. One is developed from the security door, representing the beauty, Panpan, etc., and the other is the enterprises that directly enter the interior door market in recent years, such as TATA and Guanniu. , the extreme family, as well as brands extending from furniture companies, such as Huahe, Huari and so on. Nowadays, many wood flooring companies have also begun to enter the interior door industry. Several large wooden flooring brands, such as the icon, nature, and home, have successively launched interior doors. The extreme wooden door believes that although the interior door industry started relatively late, it took three years to complete the development of the wood flooring industry for 10 years. With the entry of outstanding brands in other industries, it is believed that the prospects of the industry will prosper.

The prosperity of the industry will inevitably bring about mixed problems, the market is chaotic, and the brands that consumers are familiar with are very few. The person in charge of a certain enterprise said in an interview with that the strong demand also makes the whole industry expand rapidly. Some enterprises only pay attention to profit and output value, but ignore product quality and neglect brand building, which will inevitably lead to customer instability. In the shuffling stage. He predicted that after two years, a considerable number of manufacturers will withdraw from this market and the price disparity will be in quality.

The prospect of prosperity in the interior door is also becoming increasingly prominent.

Ms. Li, a consumer, said that after visiting the home market, she found that the price difference of interior doors was very large. In some markets, the cheapest paint-free door can be purchased for more than 300 yuan. In many small shops, the finished door is generally more than 500 yuan to 800 yuan. And those brands that have been heard a little, usually sell for about 2,000 yuan, and even expensive ones. She didn't understand why a simple door was so wide.

According to industry analysts, 90% of current consumers do not understand the industry and products, and many people's consumption behavior is determined by price. The market is full of a large number of small brands, with low prices as a breakthrough, product quality is difficult to guarantee. For example, the paint-free door is usually made of keel frame, external pressure medium density board, and a layer of PVC film. The process is simple, the sound insulation effect is poor, and the quality and environmental protection are not guaranteed. According to him, there are currently hundreds of small factories that produce interior doors around Zhengzhou. These enterprises can open 50,000 yuan and buy some plates to produce them. And regular manufacturers have to invest tens of millions of yuan. In particular, some websites, companies can buy a ranking for thousands of dollars, and various rankings make consumers unclear. At the same time, the lack of relevant standards and authoritative management departments in the industry is also the source of confusion in the industry.

The quality and craftsmanship of wood and paint is the key to determining the wooden door. The quality of the wood is not good. The door is easy to crack and deform, and the closure is not strict. The paint is not closed, the paint surface will crack, and even the paint can be removed, which will affect the appearance. In particular, the use of a large number of composite panels has made the environmental protection problems of wooden doors increasingly prominent.

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