The boiling point of water is greatly reduced under vacuum

Once the bearing enters the water, the lubricant will be emulsified, resulting in a decrease in the lubricating properties of the bearing oil, which will affect the lubrication of the backup roller, causing a series of problems such as rust and abnormal wear of the equipment, so that the oil film bearing operates under poor lubrication conditions. , seriously affecting production efficiency and increasing maintenance costs.

In order to ensure the stable and good operation of the equipment, on the one hand, the sealing of the oil film bearing is improved; on the other hand, the Guangxi lampblack purifier separates the water entering the oil film bearing system with a vacuum oil purifier to reduce the water content in the oil. .

The vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the difference between the boiling point of water and oil under a certain degree of vacuum. Vacuum oil purifier process The contaminated oil is sucked by the oil suction pump. After being detected by a temperature sensor, compared with the set temperature, if it is lower than the set temperature, the infrared heater is turned on to heat the oil.

If it is higher than the set temperature, the infrared heater does not work, the oil reaching a certain temperature enters the oil-water separation chamber and the vacuum separation chamber, and the positive pressure air supply port vacuum separation chamber is a vacuum-tight closed container, because the vacuum pump is vacuum The separation chamber and the oil-water separation chamber provide a certain vacuum environment.

In this vacuum environment, the boiling points of water and oil are greatly reduced, and the boiling point of water is lower than the boiling point of oil. The moisture and gaseous impurities in the contaminated oil evaporate in this vacuum environment, separating from the oil, water Vapor and gaseous impurities and remaining clean oil enter the vacuum separation chamber.

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