Medical bottle packaging needs to be improved

The packaging of medical bottles is closely related to each of us. The pros and cons of packaging of medical bottles have great influence on the quality of medicine. However, the current domestic pharmaceutical bottle packaging companies, especially the plastic medicine bottle packaging, are generally small-scaled and started late. There are many problems in all aspects of production that need improvement.

The compatibility of medical bottles and drugs is a more complicated issue. How pharmaceutical bottles avoid impacting pharmaceutical products during long-term packaging and storage is the key to ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products. However, this requires medical bottle manufacturers to invest a lot of funds for repeated research and demonstration, it is clear that many domestic small and medium-sized medical bottle manufacturers do not have such strength. Now that the new national GMP standard has been issued, a clear requirement has been made for this issue, which has caused changes for pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers.

In the past, medical bottles have always been manufactured mainly at the low-end level, and they are really engaged in innovative design and improvement of pharmaceutical bottle packaging manufacturers. This has led to a highly competitive overcapacity in the low-end pharmaceutical bottle packaging market. However, many medical bottle packaging needs are not met, such as the development of medical bottles for children, medical bottles are more humane, more convenient to take and so on. The high-end subdivided medicine bottle market needs more manufacturers to enter.

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