The stretching sleeve technology brings the perfect solution for the beer in the back pack

Recently, in the transformation project of two large breweries in Ukraine, KHS looked at BEUMER stretch hood®, a stretch casing wrapper from China, and threw a “big hydrangea” that provided three packaging machines to Berman. KHS Group is an internationally renowned manufacturer of filling and packaging machinery and enjoys a good reputation in the global market, especially beverage, food and non-food packaging. As a transnational corporation, KHS integrates its own manufacturing and externally-manufactured mechanical products to provide various turnkey solutions for the packaging industry. In line with the purpose of "interpreting customer needs and pursuing technological optimization," KHS has long been adhering to the strategic principle of jointly cooperating with well-known enterprises in the industry, and is committed to improving customers' production equipment and technology, thereby enhancing customers' productivity and economic efficiency.

To date, Ukraine’s JSC Liv Pyrovarnya brewery in Liv and the Slavutich Kyiv brewery in Kiew and Zaporozhye have been producing beer and soft drinks in glass bottles. The filled drinks are packed in plastic boxes and then stretch wrapped. Wrapped trays that have been palletized to achieve secondary packaging, with an existing packaging capacity of around 120 trays/hour.

How to improve the secondary packaging capacity has become a bottleneck problem in the production and logistics process of breweries. The new energy-efficient packaging technology should not only solve this problem, but also fully demonstrate flexibility in future applications. In addition, ensuring the safety of the transport of pallets and the reliable handling of pallets are also important criteria for evaluating new packaging technologies. Throughout the customer's requirements for new packaging technology, the use of robust Berman stretch-sleeve technology has become an integral part of the pallet storage and palletizing process. In order to prevent the formation of condensed water, the film is punched in advance, but its tensile strength does not change. BEUMER stretch hood packaging machine BEUMER stretch hood® advanced film processing technology assures customers that even if the road is bumpy, the shelves will still appear in front of consumers with a flat and beautiful packaging effect. At the same time, the device uses Berman's patented vertical stretching technology to reduce film consumption by about 15% compared to similar devices in the industry. The proper use of vertical forces further enhances the smoothness of the jaws.

With the BEUMER stretch hood®, a Berman stretch-sleeve wrapper, the brewery has an average packaging capacity of 150 trays/hour (5-sided coating) or 180 trays/hour (4-sided coating). The PE film used in the packaging machine is flexible and has good forming ability. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for packaging items of different specifications and shapes, and has considerable flexibility. Compared to the currently used stretch wrapping film packaging technology, BEUMER's stretch sleeve wrapper BEUMER stretch hood® reduces the number of film replacements by at least 20 times. By combining these advantages, Berman's stretch sleeve packaging technology can significantly reduce the cost of ownership for the owner. The Berman Twister packaging machine was shipped to Ukraine in early 2007 and put into production at the local brewery.

Technical links:

First, a single driving force loosens the stretch film roll, the insert is inserted into the corner panel, the stretch film cover is opened, and the stretch film is secured in place. Then the big fingers tightly hold the four corners of the stretched film and stretch the film by overcoming the stickiness of the film. The lower part of the film is then pulled open until it is gripped by the gripping arm. When these gripping arms are rotated, the film is pulled into the stretching hood (housing).

Immediately afterwards, the crimping and tensioner are inserted into the opened film tube from below, the four hemming belts are rotated to the film position, and the film is curled at the desired length along the stretching angle on the counting shaft. The angle of the stretch is designed with a large plane, which ensures optimal curling and biaxial stretching. A pneumatic knife and two welding strips cut the stretch hood to the proper length and form a waterproof seal, and then roll the remaining film up.

When the stretching frame is lowered, biaxial stretching occurs, and cross-drawing or uniaxial stretching can be achieved to ensure a good state of the product after loading. The slide module can be manually adjusted to the position of the packaged item.

The bottom stretching program starts before the edge portion of the mantle is lowered. The packaged goods enter the two-axis bottom stretch together with the tray, and the curling and stretching modules are activated by a controlled, delicate actuator in the system.

Finally, the stretch wrap is smoothly applied to the packaged item. Please picture (Stretch hood product photos and five-step flow chart)

The advantages of stretching the sleeve:

- Add vertical force, higher loading stability;
- Dust-proof, waterproof suitable for outdoor stacking - The elasticity of PE film can pack a variety of products;
- The film and the packaged item do not adhere to each other;
- Noise can be reduced to a minimum;
- Thin films are easier to recycle and handle;
- Excellent display performance;
- can print graphics on the film;
- UV stabilizer can be added to PE to prevent UV rays;
- Low stock of required film;
- High packaging and shelf compatibility;
- Low operating costs;
- High output, closed membranes up to 150 pallets per hour, trays up to 180 pallets per hour.

The stretch hood method was developed 20 years ago. Few people believed that this unique and advanced packaging technology could be successful. Today, this technology has been widely used in Europe to package a variety of products: various bags, cartons containing various items, items taken in order, refrigerators, and other items that need to be packaged. At present, there are about 1,400 machines in operation in Europe.

Up to now, many users have already reached a good cooperation with BEUMER. The equipment calculates parameters such as weld joint length, two-axis tensile force and bottom tensile force, and considers the package size and the thin film tube with angled frame. (See patents EP 0 344 815, EP 0 399 540, and EP 0 633 186), so that the packaged product has the best packaging effect. The packaging is free of wrinkles, the cover is flat, and the vertical tension of the cover film fully protects the stability of the packaged product and the safety on the pallet.

About Berman's services across the globe

As a global company, BEUMER Group's business has been active in more than 70 countries in all continents for more than 70 years, and senior Berman employees are everywhere to provide strong backing. In 2005, Berman successfully opened a wholly-owned company in Shanghai. factory. Because of this advantage, Berman can comfortably provide owner-operated operators with on-site training in various parts of the world to achieve a full range of on-site after-sales services including maintenance and spare parts supply. So far, the Berman Group, based in Beckum, Germany, has successfully applied Berman's stretch sleeve packaging technology to numerous projects around the world, all thanks to Berman's unremitting efforts in this field for more than 20 years. And development.

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