Popularization of Printing Knowledge - Gold Scan Technology

Sweeping gold is the process of realizing the metallic luster effect by attaching a special metal powder to a specified part of a commodity package or a label print through a special process. It is a new technology for finishing the printed surface. Use this gold-sweeping technique to get realistic metal texture and better luster, while the pattern is fine and overprinting is accurate.
The principle of creating gold sweepers is to place sheets of gold on the single-color or two-color offset printing machines, use special PS plates to print a layer of viscous glue on the parts that need to be scanned, and then the print sheets go through the paper feeding device and enter the gold sweeper. It can be completed by sweeping with gold powder and polishing, sheet metal, etc.
Compared with other kinds of gold-imitation processing technology, it has many advantages in many aspects, that is, the operation process is simple, the speed is fast, and the cost is low. No matter the thickness of the image or the size of the area, good results can be obtained.
After sweeping the gold product, its metal sand grain and light diffuse reflection effect is better, the metal texture is more real, giving people a visual three-dimensional sense, different from gold and bronzing.
The color of the sweeper is rich and colorful. In addition to the most commonly used gold, there are silver, bronze, green, graphite, tan, lemon yellow, peacock blue, and the widely used imitation diamond powders recently used in Europe and North America. Laser gold powder. These gold powders have different particle sizes and can show a variety of unique effects. Because the gold imitation effect obtained by sweeping gold is different from that of printing gold, bronzing and frosted printing, it is unique and difficult to imitate, so it has a certain anti-counterfeiting function.
At present, the gold sweeping technology has been widely used in the packaging of cigarettes, wine, medicines, cosmetics and high-end foods, as well as the printing of greeting cards, invitations, calendars and other products, which can greatly increase the added value of goods.

Reprinted from: China News Publishing Network

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