Creative concept alcohol drink packaging

Jarod Bachmann, the developer of Pocket Shot, saw the idea of ​​designing a new packaging when he saw his workers on the South African farms buying festively rough 25ml plastic bags to celebrate the payday.
“I personally enjoy outdoor travel and sports, so developing a single-use, effortless convenience and easy-to-use product packaging for this group of people would have huge demand. I hope that the development of new products will allow consumption. It is used anywhere."
The bag material produced by Switzerland is a unique three-layer composite structure that complies with FDA-approved materials that can be contacted with alcohol. One layer of barrier film has good strength and the other layer provides good gloss. And printed labels. This bag has both the attractiveness of traditional aircraft bottles and the advantages of flexible packaging - fresh, easy to handle, recyclable, with good shelf stability and filling, so this product has a good adaptability Sex.
When Pocket Shot products are shipped, each package can hold 120 bags - 10 layers of 12 bags each. Retailers can order Pocket Shots for display cartons or products that can be hung on shelves.

Pocket Shot is now sold by Frank-Lin Spirits and Fine Wines of San Jose in California. The company's future development plan includes expansion of the production line to produce different capacities, different types of alcoholic beverages and mixed beverages.
According to developer Bachmann, Pocket Shot is gaining recognition from retailers because the latter sees the attractiveness of the shelf that this product brings. "We are not just selling alcohol, we are also providing a fun and convenient way to adapt to people's busy lifestyle."

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