Problems with ink color matching

1. Carefully observe the color samples, paying particular attention to the printed substrate, and select the ink from the rough and smooth and reflective degree of the substrate. For example, inks are printed on smooth, highly reflective aluminum plates or cans. Choosing high transparency inks will help enhance the metallic luster of the ink.
2. When selecting inks for color matching, avoid mixing too much ink as much as possible. Use inks that are close to standard colors and made from a single pigment. Use more color inks for color matching. The farther away from the standard color, the worse the brightness and the higher the matte color of the blend. It is not possible to modulate the primary colors by color matching.
3. Pay special attention to the coloring power of the ink. If the selected ink concentration is not high enough, the standard color concentration cannot be achieved regardless of how the ink is dispensed.
4. Need to add white. When black ink is used, special attention should be paid to the accuracy of the added weight and weighing. In all inks, the hiding power of black ink is extremely strong, and adding too much will not only dilute the color, but will also prevent the reflection of the substrate by 1 degree. However, for the printed uneven substrate nylon cloth. When paperboard, in order to ensure the appearance of printed products, it is best to print a white layer as the background color. Because the coloring power of the black ink is extremely strong, adding too much carelessly to the black ink requires adding quite a lot of other color inks to adjust the color and cause waste. So pay special attention.
5. When making light color inks, determine how much white ink or varnish (dilution agent) should be added in order to adjust the degree of light transmittance of the ink film. Absolutely not allowed to use the solvent to dilute the color, the solvent is added too much, not only will affect the printing performance, but will also destroy the ink structure, resulting in separation of the pigment and the resin oil, often or greatly reduce the ink gloss.
6. To improve the printing ink film gloss method 1. In the color concentration allowed to add appropriate amount of varnish.
2. Apply a coat of varnish or varnish to the surface of the printing ink film.
3. Increase the ink transparency, such as the use of a high transparency of the highlight ink or adding the right amount of varnish, the use of smooth, the reflection of the strong substrate to increase shine.
4. Prevent the adsorption of the substrate surface and reasonably improve the smoothness of the printed surface of the substrate.
5. Pay attention to the temperature of the printing environment. Humidity, high humidity. When the temperature is low, when the plastic gravure printing is performed, since the solvent volatilizes quickly (usually the surface of the ink film is dried within one minute), the heat around the ink film is absorbed and the water vapor in the air is rapidly condensed, thus causing the ink film to be printed. Fog on the surface, making the ink layer luster.
6. During the rainy season, special attention should be paid to controlling the temperature and humidity of the printing environment to ensure good printing results.
7. The fluorescent ink cannot be mixed with a large number of non-fluorescent inks, otherwise it will lose the ink fluorescence effect.

Reprinted from: Ink Information

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