Gravure printing ink

Intaglio printing ink, according to different printing substrates, is divided into plastic gravure ink, paper gravure ink, aluminum foil gravure ink and so on.

Plastic gravure ink

Plastic gravure printing inks are mainly divided into two categories: printing inks and composite inks (composite inks are also called printing inks). In addition to printing, there are many post-processing steps in the manufacture of plastic flexible packaging, so be sure to pay attention to the relatedness of each process. No matter if it is a surface-printing or compound ink, after printing, it must firstly check the apparent indexes such as the color, adhesion, and drying of the ink, whether it meets the printing requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it should immediately stop printing, and analyze the reasons for the problems. If the color is wrong, it is necessary to carry out chase color. It cannot be detected when printing, and it is not found that the printed product will not be printed after printing. This leads to unnecessary losses. This is something that must be noted when printing.

1. Application of plastic printing ink

Plastic surface printing ink is generally produced with polyamide as the main resin. It is mainly used for the surface printing of OBP, BOPP, PET, PA and other films. The dilution solvents are mainly alcohols, esters and benzenes. The solvent is generally not added to the solvents of ketones and other aromatic hydrocarbons, because the addition of these solvents can easily damage the ink. The adjustment of ink dryness during printing may be achieved through different ratios of alcohols, esters, and brewing solvents.

2. Application of composite plastic ink

The general composite plastic ink is produced from chlorinated polypropylene to resin, and is mainly used for surface-treated OPP and BOPP films for composite packaging printing. The dilution solvents are mainly alcohols, esters, benzene solvents, and are generally not diluted with alcoholic solvents, because the addition of alcoholic solvents can cause the ink to be destroyed and the inks appear to be thick or appear to be "tofu flowers". Can't print. The adjustment of ink dryness during printing can be achieved by different alcohol, benzene, and ester solvent ratios.

Composite packaging, especially cooked food packaging, is generally printed on PET, PA film, and should be printed using polyurethane cooking ink to achieve better adhesion fastness, composite fastness and cooking performance. However, many manufacturers have considered the issue of printing costs. Instead of using steamed inks for printing, they chose some common chlorinated polypropylene composite inks. The base adhesion is generally poor, and the composite fastness is also acceptable. General chlorinated polypropylene system compound ink, can only be boiled at most, must not cook, and use this system of ink to print PET, PA film, must be fully tested, the trial can only be bulk printing.

Other gravure printing ink

Paper Gravure Ink and Aluminum Foil Gravure Ink is a new type of soft packaging printing that has started in recent years, and it has developed rapidly. Paper Gravure Ink and Foil Gravure inks are printed with the same operations as plastic gravure inks. However, the printed substrate is different. Different printing substrates should be distinguished when choosing the ink due to the differences in surface smoothness, absorbability, and the like.

Gravure printing paper, because the surface of the paper is not smooth plastic film; and the paper is absorbent, if the use of plastic gravure ink to print, there will inevitably appear to spend more, less full of color and other phenomena, the right should choose paper gravure ink to print .

Aluminum foil ink is mainly used for printing on pure aluminum foil, mainly used in beer labels, candy paper and other packaging. The manufacture of aluminum foil packaging, because it is necessary to pay attention to the post-processing processes such as slitting and alkaline cooking, the use of plastic gravure ink can not meet the ideal requirements, should use gravure aluminum foil ink to print, with excellent transferability, color brightness, light Brightness, smoothness, softness and good printing and other advantages.

In addition, the printing of woven bags is now printed directly on the woven bags and printed on the BOPP film first, and then combined with the woven bags in a way of dripping summer (extrusion compounding) to form a beautiful and environmentally friendly package. In this type of packaging, attention should not be paid to the use of surface-printed or polyamide-modified inks, but to gravure plastic composite inks. Leaching requires a higher heat resistance of the ink. Table printing inks are not heat-resistant and cannot be compounded. After printing with compound inks, the time for rehydration should not be too long for composites. It is necessary to control P in an instant to avoid contact time being too long and destroying the ink.

Different printing requires the selection of the corresponding ink and must not be used in place of different inks. Only by choosing suitable inks and proper operations can we produce excellent printing and packaging products. The manufacture of flexible packaging is a series of processes, and the printing of flexible packaging is one of the key processes. Only by mastering the technology of gravure printing, can we create excellent packaging and decoration products.

Reprinted from: Ink Information

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