Cozzoli's F400X Single Piston Filler

For 85 years, Cozzoli Machinery has been providing advanced machinery for the packaging industry. It is dedicated to the development of cleaning, sterilizing, filling, sealing and capping technologies and provides precise and high-performance integrated and complete line integration services. Its products are widely used in non-sterile medicine, cosmetics, hygiene and beauty, chemicals and foods.

At the show, Cozzoli exhibited its F400X single-piston filling machine. This machine is used to fill liquids, the production speed is general, but the precision is very high.

The patented slide valve allows the F400X to fill all viscous grades from water to oil. In addition, the F400X can be quickly changed, and a volumetric calibration selector is installed on the machine, which can adjust the accuracy of the machine to ±0.5% or more.

Reprinted from: Packaging Machinery

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