ROHM develops high-pressure high-speed thermal print heads for label POS machines

The high-pressure high-speed thermal print head "KD2003-DF10A/KD2003-DG10A" developed by ROHM Co., Ltd. is most suitable for high-speed printers such as receipts, barcode labels, food labels, and printed tickets. Sample shipments have started since November 2006 (sample price is 269.2 RMB/a), and production is expected to start at 100K per month since January 2007. Produced at ROHM ELECTRonICS DALIAN CO., LTD. (China).

Recently, in the fields of receipts, bar code labels, food labels, printed tickets, etc., printing can be clean, beautiful, and free of ink. Easy maintenance of thermal printers has become the mainstream. As a requirement for the development of this thermal printer market, it has been aiming at further increasing the number of food-oriented labels. In addition, high-quality images are also required for image-type printing and QR codes (2-dimensional bar codes).

The high pressure and high speed thermal print head developed by ROHM "KD2003-DF10A/KD2003-DG10A" is used for label POS machines for tone image printing, and uses a unique ultra-small heating element structure to enable high-speed printing. The thermal responsiveness and heat transferability to the print media are both correct, but also due to the high durability of the protective film with the characteristics of high heat resistance when printing, making high-speed image quality printing 250mm / s possible. In addition, the energy efficiency required to reach the saturation concentration at high-speed printing (250 mm/s) was increased by 20% compared to the company's previous product, and it also contributed to saving energy.

In addition, due to the use of the new high-density DRIVER IC that incorporates state-of-the-art LSI technology, the power supply operating range of the circuit power supply voltage reaches a wide range of 3.13V to 5.25V, and it has excellent print characteristics without being affected by the power supply voltage. The maximum conversion frequency of CLK corresponds to 16 MHz (at a circuit power supply voltage of 5 V), enabling high-speed data processing.

Still further, it is possible to flexibly respond to a wide range of user's printer circuit design such as external power supply correspondence, circuit power supply voltage unification, and high-speed data conversion.

The main features of "KD2003-DF10A/KD2003-DG10A":

1) High-speed, high-image-quality printing at 250mm/s

2) 20% increase in concentration efficiency

3) Corresponds to a wide range of circuit supply voltage range (3.13V~5.25V)

4) Maximum CLK conversion frequency is 16MHz (circuit power supply voltage 5V)

ROHM's thermal print heads have always used unique design techniques, DEVICE (device technology), and even their own R&D production technologies to perform product development that responds to market demands at the fastest speed. In the future, we will continue to stand in the perspective of users and implement a high-speed, high-efficiency development policy.
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