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Many wine makers believe that the quality of bag-in-box wines has been greatly improved over the past. Americans’ consumption of medium-sized bags of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon boxes surged. According to data from the US Information Center, sales of 3-litre box-in-box wines tripled between 2004 and 2006.

Although many consumers have already heard that the quality of bag-in-box wines has been greatly improved, they are still reluctant to taste it because of the prejudice against the packaging of the wine. One of the reasons is that many of the wines packed in boxes are too cheesy. They are only suitable for drinking in some public fraternities, and they cannot be tasted in some high-end parties. The second reason is that it is reminiscent of the desolateness of youth.

Patrik Svanberg, a Stockholm-based product designer, had previously been prejudiced against box-in-box wines, arguing that they were representative of cheap, poor-quality wines that he had drunk while drinking high-quality wine in high school. Five years later, the real popularity of box-in-box wines has benefited from Patrik Svanberg's box-in-pocket switch design.

Although the taste of the bag wine in the box is very good, Mr. Svanberg can not completely convince himself to like the packaging of this wine. He said: "Its packaging is too difficult to read and is very unsightly on the table. So he wants to do something about this change of status."

In 2003, Mr. Svanberg began to study a new type of box-in-box device. He invented a delicate metal device. When the drinker uses it, he first opens the carton of wine in the box and then moves the wine in the plastic bag. The metal switch is connected to the plastic bag. Unscrew the metal faucet and the wine flows out. . Mr. Svanberg wanted to make this metal device more beautiful. Later he found that it was better to be practical. Because he discovered that this tap-type device can adapt to the requirements of different bags in the box.

Soon, POM Housewares Company signed a long-term contract with Svanberg to order this device.

Reprinted from: Guangdong Packaging Magazine

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