SureSave UA unified storage system applied to digital library industry

Digital information storage is the foundation of digital library construction. SureSave UA-2000 series unified storage systems support FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS protocols, which solves the problem of file-based and data block-based storage architecture of digital libraries and saves input costs. Realize the unification of NAS and SAN systems of digital library.

Digital information storage is the foundation of the construction of digital libraries. Unlike traditional card retrieval, book lending, and manual records provided by traditional libraries, digital libraries need to produce digital materials such as collected paper books, journals, magazines, and bibliographic documents. Data, and provide multi-channel electronic reading services based on local area network, Internet and wireless Internet through database query and borrowing system.

With the development of cloud computing applications, the cloud storage of massive data in digital libraries will become the main trend of future development. Digital libraries are a vast and massive multimedia database. Taking only the annual growth of literature as an example, there are 7.5 million annually in the world. More than two kinds of new documents appear. If each document has 200 pages, and each page includes 1600 bytes, the amount of literature information increases by up to 3T per year. Literature information is only a part of the information in the digital library. If you consider other types of information, such as video files, electronic journals, compact disc information, pictures, and other multimedia information, the amount of information in the digital library will be daunting, so how The storage of massive data is the primary problem facing digital libraries.

The bottleneck of the traditional library in the development of digitalization

Zhejiang Cangnan Library, as a county-level municipal administrative unit in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, has put forward a high perspective in public service, and has played a pivotal role in promoting the cultural cause of Cangnan. Cangnan Library has launched a series of digital library construction plans in the library's inquiry and digital construction of document information resources, and has successively improved functions such as public retrieval, document delivery, electronic resource navigation, and online cataloging.

With the deepening of the construction of Cangnan Library's informatization, digital, audio, and media materials have gradually increased, and the original storage equipment has been unable to adapt to the existing capacity and performance requirements. The early SCSI simple storage could not be expanded and upgraded, and the original mainframe direct-attached storage (DAS) architecture was not suitable for existing business needs. In the process of digital information construction, Cangnan Library faces the following three bottlenecks:

How to meet the storage needs of massive book archives and catalog information databases?

How to realize the unified storage of structured data and unstructured data at the same time?

The amount of massive data is increasing day by day, how to reduce the investment cost in the later period and improve the scalability of the storage device?

For the storage system, Cangnan Library hopes to obtain greater investment security and technical protection, which can meet the application needs of structured data query and unstructured data storage at the same time, and provide security, system efficiency, and scalability for massive data. Storage solution.

SureSave UA-2000 series unified storage system realizes the fusion of massive library database and file data

SureSave UA unified storage system applied to digital library industry

SureSave UA-2000 series unified storage system is a multi-functional product designed for small and medium-sized business systems. It adopts an all-in-one machine architecture based on SOUL and supports FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS protocols, which simplifies storage deployment; based on WEB graphical interface The management interface can centrally manage SAN and NAS storage resources at the same time, making storage management and monitoring more simple and convenient; and provides multiple management modes such as GUI and CLI to meet the needs of different management levels. The streamlined configuration of mainstream dynamic disks simplifies the management process, and CDP protection improves the cost-effectiveness of data storage per unit of capacity.

The SureSave UA-2000 series has a maximum expansion of 448 hard disks through the fiber expansion port, and is compatible with early fiber storage cabinets. Later, both FC and ISCSI can be expanded and upgraded, and can be upgraded to 8Gb optical fiber and 10 Gigabit network to protect the original investment of customers.

SOUL provides a unified storage solution for massive data in digital libraries

By adopting the SureSave UA-2216 unified storage device, the expansion limit of the early Cangnan Library under a single architecture was solved, the investment cost of the file server was saved, and the access efficiency of massive unstructured data such as video materials, e-books and periodicals was improved; The centralized storage of massive unstructured data and database structured data of Cangnan Digital Library is realized, which can simplify the later expansion management and improve the hardware investment life cycle.

The person in charge of the Cangnan Library Information Center stated, "SureSave UA-2216 unified storage device provided by SOUL solves the problem of our file-based and data block-based storage architecture, which greatly saves the input cost and realizes the digital library's The unification of NAS and SAN systems. "

SureSave UA unified storage system has the characteristics of high expansion performance, management, and controllability. The rich back-end port expansion has laid the foundation for the future development of digital libraries to build FC_SAN and 10 Gigabit networks; large-capacity expansion and third-party storage Compatibility meets the growing document storage needs of libraries, and can provide flexible storage deployment capacity and simplified disk array management functions, no longer limited by application restrictions.

The SureSave UA unified storage system has advanced management software functions such as snapshots and replication, and provides continuous data protection (CDP) for digital libraries. The innovative virtual snapshot technology based on volume makes less storage space provide more data protection and reduces The cost of data storage per unit of capacity has increased the input cost of the digital library and the overall cost performance.

Digital library construction is a grand and long-term system project. It requires systematic collection of massive unstructured data and manual establishment of database indexes and query tools; SOUL provides a unified storage solution for digital libraries, while achieving NAS storage functions. To meet the needs of block-level data storage in FC / IP-SAN environment, saving the infrastructure investment cost of information center. The flexible deployment method and simplified management software of SureSave UA unified storage system can reduce the management and maintenance costs of digital libraries, and can provide continuous data protection, reduce the risk of data loss and service interruption, and provide flexibility for the construction of digital libraries. , Efficient, safe and scalable unified storage infrastructure.

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