The first application of liquid polyurethane patching technology in China

In mid-November, China applied liquid polyurethane repair technology for the first time, and completed 5081 repairs in the Lunnan-Turpan pipeline project, with a pass rate of 100%.

Compared with the traditional manual baking heat shrink sleeve repair technology, the liquid polyurethane repair technology using automatic mechanical spraying has the advantages of fast operation speed, convenient and reliable detection, and can maximize the elimination of artificial anti-corrosion coating operations Factors.

The operation started on August 25 this year. The employees of the Pipeline Bureau Anticorrosion Company overcome the unfavorable factors such as high temperature and wind and sand in the Lunnan Desert area, and take advantage of the specialized anticorrosion company to solve a series of technical problems.

The successful application of liquid polyurethane patching technology has broken the pattern of pipeline anti-corrosion patching using only heat shrinkable sleeves. This technology provides a new type of joint repair material and process for China's pipeline industry, and lays the foundation for the promotion and application of new pipeline joint repair technology.

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