Buy bamboo flooring bamboo is not as old as possible

The price of solid wood flooring is not cheap, and the floor is worried about formaldehyde. What should I do? As a result, the bamboo flooring on the market with straight texture, elegant color and smooth flow has entered the consumer's sight, but at the same time, how to choose a favorite bamboo floor has become a problem that plagues most consumers. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Zhang Qisheng, a professor at Nanjing Forestry University and director of the Bamboo Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of the State Forestry Department, and asked him to analyze the “inner world” of bamboo flooring for the majority of consumers.

Bamboo is about five years old.

Professor Zhang Qisheng introduced that bamboo flooring should maintain stability after paving, and the most important thing is to see if its structure is symmetrically balanced. The structure of bamboo flooring mainly includes three types: flat pressure type, side pressure type and medium horizontal type. At present, there are many flat pressure type on the market, and only a few enterprises in the side pressure and medium cross structure can produce in China. In some building materials stores, reporters often hear sales staff selling bamboo flooring, their bamboo is very high quality, bamboo age of more than 10 years. Many consumers have been misled and believe that the older the bamboo, the more mature it is, and the more solid the bamboo flooring is, the stronger it will be.

Professor Zhang Qisheng pointed out that in fact, the age of bamboo is not as long as possible. The best bamboo age should be about 5 years, so that the bamboo is strong and flexible. If the age is less than 4 years, the bamboo is too tender; the old bamboo skin of 10 years old is too thick, and it is not brittle and difficult to use; too tender and too old will affect the stability of the bamboo floor. Hand rubbing and eye view, if the floor is lighter in the hand, it means that the bamboo is used; if the texture is blurred, it means that the bamboo is older bamboo.

Bamboo and wood flooring insulation performance is almost the same

Consumers generally feel that the bamboo mats in the summer are cooler, so it is natural to assume that bamboo flooring will be cooler than wooden flooring. Professor Zhang Qisheng said that this is a misunderstanding. The thermal conductivity reflects the ability of the material to conduct heat. The material with large thermal conductivity has a large amount of heat and people feel cold when contacted. The thermal conductivity of bamboo and wood is related to the density, and the thermal conductivity of the density is also large. The density of bamboo is about 0.75g/cm3, which is similar to the density of most woods. Therefore, the thermal insulation properties of bamboo flooring and wood flooring are not much different.

Many consumers believe that bamboo is rich in sugar, starch and other nutrients, which are easy to cause insects and mildew. In this regard, Professor Zhang Qisheng introduced that regular enterprises will fully consider these characteristics in the production process, and will carry out high-temperature cooking, mildew prevention and insect-proof treatment after the bamboo is opened. In the process of hot pressing the bamboo sheet into a plate, it is also subjected to high temperature and high pressure treatment to further lose the nutrients and kill pests and eggs. Under normal conditions of use, bamboo flooring generally does not suffer from insects and mildew.

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