Liquid food bottle, beverage bottle packaging market analysis

With the rapid development of the liquid food industry such as beverages and dairy products in China, the packaging industry for liquid foods has also entered a period of rapid development, gradually forming the competitive landscape of the packaging industry in which paper, plastic, glass and metal are the four major materials currently on the market. . The four major materials are mainly plastic packaging, PET plastic bottles, paper packaging, glass bottles and tin cans. Canadean Consulting's data show that, based on market share, PET plastic bottles account for more than 20% of the share; aluminum cans, pasteurized plastic bags and aseptic brick packaging each account for 10% -20% share; glass bottles, two Sterile plastic bottles and sterile plastic bags each have a 5%-9% share.

Compared to other quality packaging products, PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, compressive strength and easy to mold. It not only solves the bottle shape design, safety, transportation and other issues of the glass container, but also avoids the problems of the shape design, opaqueness, etc. of the metal container. The above features make it more and more widely used in beverage packaging. However, the main market position of Yila aluminum cans in the beverage market, especially the carbonated beverage market, is still not replaced by other quality products. Although packaging materials of various materials have different markets, with the continuous improvement of PET plastic bottle technology and the appearance of upgraded products, as well as the increasing demand of modern consumers for convenient carrying of drinks, PET plastic bottles are gradually encroaching on other packaging. The market share of the product.

It can be expected that the competition of liquid food packaging products with different categories will be fierce. Sterile plastic bags will split the market share of pure milk packed in sterile pillow-type paper; high-density polyethylene plastic bottles will compete for lactic acid bacteria beverages and yogurts packed on roof-type paper. The market share of such products; plastic bottles will also share the share of juice drinks packed in sterile paper.

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