Cork floor maintenance and precautions

1. After the floor is installed for 24 hours, the furniture can be placed on the floor, and the movement of people on it should be minimized within 24 hours. When leaving home, please close the windows, doors, especially the faucet, so as not to let the rain or drip soak the floor.

2, the maintenance of cork flooring is easier than other wooden flooring, in the process of use, it is best to avoid the sand into the room, there are individual sand particles, and will not wear the floor. Because the sand is pressed into the elastic layer under the foot, it will be ejected when the footsteps leave. Of course, it should be reminded here that it is not advisable to bring in too much sand, which will still cause flow wear. Therefore, the sand that is brought into the room should be removed in time. Generally, there is no need to equip the vacuum cleaner, and there is no need to worry about the warpage, mildew, etc. phenomenon.

3. If there is wear and tear in some places after three or five years of use, it can be partially compensated, that is, the coating is re-applied at the local part. The method is very simple, and the sand is cleaned with sandpaper to remove the dirt on the surface. Then wipe it off with a soft dry cloth, recoat the coating, or apply a polyester film to the area.

4. For the surface painted cork flooring, the maintenance is the same as that of the solid wood floor. Generally, the floor wax can be used once every six months. Cork flooring with a resin-resistant layer on the surface is as simple as a composite floor.

5. Prevent heat damage. Do not place hot objects such as hot water cups directly on the floor to avoid scalding the surface paint film. At the same time, it should be avoided to expose the sun to the floor for a long time, so as to prevent premature cracking and aging after the paint film is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time.

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