How to decrypt a good plate

Recently, the consumer Lin Jun (pseudonym) complained to reporters with grievances: "The house needs decoration for the decoration, so I went to the market to buy. After a small shop, a shopping guide lobbied me to the store. There is a well-known brand of plates, because of the special purchase channels, the price is much lower than the similar plates on the market. I went in and saw that the label recommended by the guides really has the label of the brand, or E0. I Believe it, and with the temptation of low prices, I immediately selected the plate and paid the full amount of money. When the plate was shipped home, the experienced decorator told me that the plates were fake..."

Lin Jun repeatedly told reporters that they must remind consumers in the newspapers so that more people should be deceived.

When the reporter visited the plate market, he found that it was not an individual phenomenon that the brand plate encountered "Li Gui". As the brand plate enjoys high popularity and reputation in the market, it is frequently black-handed by “Li Gui”. More and more counterfeit goods are being sold. Many second and third-flow plates are looking for a printing factory and printing labels for brand plates. Sticking it up and changing it, it has become a "famous brand", but its internal ills such as excessive formaldehyde and poor quality have not changed. But the "catty" of these, the vast majority of consumers do not know.

Recently, the Vientiane plate, which was deeply affected by the "Li Gui", invited more than 10 Changsha consumers to drive to its production base, Taojiang County, to decrypt the production process of the plate to consumers in the field, hoping to make more consumption. The person knows how to identify the pros and cons of the board.

One of the decryption: aldehyde-free water-based glue is the key

〖Site〗 In the E0 grade environmental protection sheet production base, the smell of pungent formaldehyde often found in some inferior sheet production bases, only the characteristic scent of natural fragrant fir.

〖Decryption〗 E0 grade environmental protection board is made of internationally advanced aldehyde-free water-based adhesive. The formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.5mg/m3, which is equivalent to taking a cigarette in a room of 400 square meters.

According to medical scientists, formaldehyde can cause damage to the cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and other systems of the human body, and people have nearly 2/3 of their time indoors, so the quality of decorative plates is crucial. Therefore, modern people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of the home environment. Experts suggest that you must choose to use healthy green, environmentally friendly and healthy plates during home decoration.

Decryption 2: How is the good plate made?

〖Site〗 The staff randomly extracted a completed E0 grade board and saw it on the spot. The consumer saw that the wood strip, core board and panel of the board were tightly combined, and there was almost no splicing gap.

〖Decryption〗 To produce a good plate, there must be a modern production base and production equipment, and after more than 10 processes: log processing, computer controlled drying room for drying, four-sided planing, whole board machine, hot and cold pressing, scraping , sanding, gluing, skinning, secondary hot and cold pressing, edge trimming, inspection, packaging, storage and storage...

The production base and production equipment of inferior sheet are often hand-worked, and they are rudimentary. In the production process, they also cut corners and the formaldehyde used in the coating exceeds the standard.

Decryption 3: How to identify the pros and cons of the board

〖Site〗 Consumers ask: “When buying a plate, how to choose environmentally-friendly plates?” The staff said that they can be selected through “one look, two touches, three trips, four smells”, which is simple and feasible.

〖Decryption〗 A look: the appearance should be flat and no defects, the logo should be complete. The quality of the sheet surface should be smooth and flawless. If there is no dead knot, excavation, leakage, etc., there is no seaming phenomenon, especially the cracking phenomenon at both ends. Place it upright, the corners should be straight, and the diagonal error should not exceed 6 mm.

Two touches: The whole package of plates is completely fitted between each plate. Touch the surface by hand, the high-quality sheet should be dry, smooth and smooth.

Sancha: Listening to the sound when picking up the board, there is a "cracking" sound to indicate that the bonding strength is not good; lift one end of the board, smash it, the high quality sheet should have a thick feeling. Of course, this heavy induction is under the premise of dry hand, otherwise the dryness is not enough. Then use a sharp-nosed instrument to gently tap the surface of the board to hear if there is a difference in the sound. If the sound changes, there is a void inside the board. The existence of voids will weaken the overall bearing capacity of the sheet, and the long-term uneven force will make the structure twist and deform.

Four smells: Urea-formaldehyde glue is generally used when the board is spliced ​​and bonded to the panel, and the formaldehyde currently mentioned is actually emitted from the glue. Therefore, the main difference between environmentally friendly and inferior plates is the quality of the glue: if the environmentally friendly glue is used, only the smell of the natural wood after drying will be smelled at the purchase site, and the smell of formaldehyde will not be smelled; A pungent odor indicates a high formaldehyde release, so it is best not to choose.

Another point is the inherent quality. First of all, we must check whether the material filled in the material is dense, whether there are obvious gaps and decaying wood strips. There may be eggs in the decaying wood strips, and insects will occur in the future.

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