Whether to repair the remaining materials in the corners and corners

After the renovation, many consumers will have a headache for how to deal with the remaining decorative materials. Keep it, feel that it can't be placed in the house; don't stay, and be afraid to use it in the future. So, in the end, which remaining decorative materials should be preserved, how should they be preserved? We have consulted two experts.

Save the material as a defense

Experts said that the remaining materials for the decoration were mainly used to repair the corners. Because many homes have not been built after the completion of the basic foundation decoration; in addition, many accessories such as paintings have not been installed. During the handling and installation process, it is inevitable that there will be a bump between the wall and the door and window frame. If there is material spare, it can be repaired in time.

Although repairs may be made with the remaining decorative materials, some experts may say that repairing the remaining material can minimize the difference between the front and the back compared to the repurchased product. Therefore, it is necessary to properly preserve some of the remaining decorative materials.

Experts suggest that, if conditions permit, you can choose to save with colored decorative materials, such as tiles, floors, corner lines, latex paint, paint, etc., in case of wall, floor and other local damage and timely repair. Because, if the time has passed, and then purchase the original product, it is very likely that you can not buy the same batch and the same color number, so tiles, floors, and corners of different styles and different color numbers should be properly stored one or two.

Experts caution that white latex paint does not have chromatic aberration problems, so it is not necessary to keep it. However, consumers should keep all remaining colored latex paint and repair the damaged paint with the remaining latex paint to reduce the chromatic aberration. In order to avoid the insufficient use of the stored latex paint, consumers should also remember the proportion of the colored latex paint, which is convenient for color re-painting.

Different textures are different

Different decorative materials have different preservation methods. In order to avoid the color change caused by the moisture of the tiles and the corners, it is best to wrap the tiles and the corners in plastic bags and place them in a dry place. For the floor, it is easier to deform and change color due to moisture, so it is best to wrap the floor with a newspaper that absorbs moisture and place it in a dry place.

The storage of the latex paint is relatively simple. Cover the latex paint can with a lid and put it in a cool place. Of course, it is safer to fill it in a sealed container. Consumers should pay attention to the shelf life of latex paint. The water-based latex paint will not be used after 10-20 days. The latex paint without water should also be used within the shelf life. Different latex paints have different shelf life. In general, latex paint can only be stored for half a year after opening.

Contract notes are carefully retained

In addition to decorative materials, consumers should also keep some important papers such as contracts, bills, delivery notes, etc., for use in maintenance and rights protection.

Contracts and bills record in detail the location of purchase, the amount of consumption, etc. In the event of a dispute, consumers can defend their rights and claims accordingly. Experts told reporters that the delivery note should also be kept, because the detailed information such as the batch number and color number of the product is recorded. The most suitable repairing materials can be found according to the information provided in the delivery note.

Experts have repeatedly reminded consumers that they must obtain and save the water and electricity map from the construction party. When there is a problem with the circuit or water circuit, the hydropower diagram can help the maintenance personnel to check the cause of the failure and the point of failure faster and better. In daily life, consumers can also judge which areas can be punched according to the water and electricity map, and where they can not be punched, to avoid the occurrence of wires or water pipes when drilling or nailing.

In addition, most properties require the owner to provide a water and electricity map during the acceptance of the renovation project. Some of the strict acceptance of the community will not be accepted for the renovation project without the hydropower diagram, so these materials must be carefully preserved.

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