Videojet Plus Thermal Transfer Intelligent Coder

The new DataFlex Plus Thermal Transfer Intelligent Coder (TTO) from Videojet Technology can print high-resolution logos on flexible packaging and labels, with the most stable operation, the lowest cost, and the most convenient operation. The TTO coder can print variable information and actual time information on the production line, such as shelf life, batch number, component/part list, bar code and graphics.

The patented technology of the DataFlex Plus ribbon direct drive incorporates wear-resistant parts that increase the stability of the machine's operation and reduce the downtime and cost of the ribbon break. The 1000-meter-long ribbon is the longest ribbon on the market, so the frequency of the ribbon change is the lowest, thereby increasing the efficiency of the production line. In addition, the ribbon cassette of the machine is the simplest on the market, making ribbon replacement quicker, easier, and safer. The DataFlex Plus has an 8.4-inch SVGA graphical user interface and a color touch screen. Icon control is very easy to learn. The standard WYSIWYG work display has an enlarged display function that reduces operator misuse and minimizes the possibility of printing error codes. Level 3 password protection increases security.

“The DataFlex Plus is extremely flexible and adaptable to any production environment,” said Kent Morris, TTO Product Manager at Videojet Technology. “Its unique interior design allows both right-handed and left-handed models to operate in both intermittent and continuous modes. In the standard system, the industrial communication interface, Ethernet and USB connection are all standard configurations, and it is the most complete communication configuration in the industry.The DataFlex Plus can control up to 4 prints through a single controller, requiring more than one hit. The production line for the presses provides the easiest and most economical solution." The two-way ribbon drive design allows each coder to always ensure that the ribbon is always at the correct tension and the full ribbon length is between the printed marks. A space of 1mm is guaranteed, and the ribbon usage rate is increased to print more labels per ribbon, thereby greatly improving the efficiency.

Source: Packaging Machinery

Weight Lifting Barbells

Weight lifting Barbells for powerlifting are designed for the big three lifting exercises: Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Knurling on powerlifting bars is much more aggressive to help the lifter grip the bar during heavier attempts.
The knurling comes in further than an Olympic bar to allow for narrower grips during deadlifts and a more secure squat.
Powerlifting barbells are rigid, stiff bars, and therefore do not deform, when compared to Olympic bars, under load (or whip). 

Weight Lifting Barbells

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