Making high quality cheese

Does your company also want to make high quality cottage cheese? The application of sealed barrels can make your dreams come true!

For the cheese manufacturing industry, the continued closure of cheese processing barrels can reduce the risk of product contamination, increase production efficiency, make products more stable, and cleaning more automated.

Sealed tubs have always been the standard equipment for the natural cheese manufacturing industry. Because the sealed barrels are hygienic, they have on-site cleaning functions, and they can also improve the processing technology, so the cheese manufacturing industry has recently started to use sealed cans.

At present, two companies are using specially designed soft cheese to automatically seal barrel equipment. They faced a problem: how to ensure the quality of the product while introducing automation technology. George Schwinghammer, Sales Manager at Scherping Systems in Winsted, Minnesota, said: “With the traditional method of making cottage cheese, the manufactured product does not get the required curd granules. We understand this shortcoming, so we realized that with the seal It's worth making a bucket of cheese."

According to Schwinghmmer, Scherping Systems conducted some tests that proved Scherping's previous ideas. Schwinghammer said: "Now, we can make cheese that is of the same quality as the products on the market."

Initially, when Scherping tried to use a sealed bucket to produce cottage cheese, the milk was always mixed with a lot of air bubbles. Scherping redesigned the dual mixer and the shape of the production vessel to overcome this difficulty by installing a double counter-rotating sprinkler, a condensate sensor and a pH monitor in a soft cheese sealed container. , Can reduce production time, reduce air bubbles, produce the most suitable curd suspension. At the same time, a horizontal cheese bucket was also designed. This fully automated, horizontal cheese sealed bucket with an in-situ cleaning system standardizes the control of cheese processing and produces a better product.

Tetra Pak Co., located in Mount Vernon, Ill., can also provide a soft cheese seal bucket - Tetra Pak Te-O-Vat system. The O-Vat is a clean, fully enclosed device equipped with a single automated cutting and mixing machine that produces a smooth, evenly distributed curd. Compared to open barrel equipment, this O-Vat device is fully automated and has an on-site cleaning system installed, with a capacity increase of 5%. Scott Walls, product manager for Tetra Pak's cheese system, says the device can produce excellent cheese.

Walls said: "Our blades are made of wire and are very thin, which is good for cutting clots. The O-Vat system cutter cuts the product first and then slits it from one end to the other.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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