Computer High Speed ​​Gravure Rotary Printing Dry Laminating Machine CN-AD-1200-8 (without Plate Shaft)

Produced by: Jieneng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

With the following features: A machine multi-function; eight-color printing machine automatic vertical and horizontal color printing; can paste on one side, while printing; non-axis retractable material fixed, the method is simple, receiving AB axle pressure wheel left and right side pressure adjustment, so that The finished product is smooth, without too much tension; scraper seat is easy to adjust, easy to maintain, stable and durable; drying system can use electric heating pipe heating, diesel combustion or gas combustion and other heating systems; man-machine interface effective overall management, machine-assisted, set Finished product quantity, safety alert instructions, etc. Suitable for printing plastic film, BOPP, CPP, PVC, aluminum foil, PET, NYLON, paper, etc.; printing width 1200mm; mechanical speed 250m/min; printing wheel length 1200mm; printing wheel diameter 127-287mm; rewinding material reel diameter 800mm.

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