Chile's new ice climbing route [Photos]

Route: Senda Real
Mountains: Cerro Marmolejo, South Wall, 6100m, Chilean Climbers: Albert Leichtfried and Hermann Erber (Austria)
Length: 6-pitch difficulty: WI7+

Cerro Marmolejo, at 6100 meters above sea level, is located in the Andes Mountains at the junction of Argentina and Chile. In 2002, Canadians BenFirth and EamonnWalsh opened a new 5-pitch route on her southeastern wall: Nook (WI6+). The Austrian partner originally planned to climb the southeastern wall, but due to the high temperatures, they decided to continue to the cooler south of the wall, and at its 4,500 meters it found a course called "amazing" - a huge natural columnar suspension. Ice hanging - after the first climb, they named it SendaReal.

According to Leichtfried, the ice on the route is very hard. They first got on the first three pitches, the difficulty being WI5, WI6-, and WI7-, but the following 6-meter course completely eliminated the climber’s efforts to continue onsight. . Leichtfried admits that the red dot can be completed and it has reached their limit. Berger thinks: “Actually, we did a lot more difficult than that in our hometown training, but the altitude is less than that. It's not an easy task to repeat some difficult movements in the Andes over 4500 meters. We only wear ordinary ice-climbing boots. This is really a daunting challenge.” After completing the last two pitches with difficulty WI5 and WI6-, the slower slopes can be reached and they reach the summit.

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