Natural Polymer - Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Development: Cargill - Dow Properties: The polymer - polylactic acid (PLA) is Cargill - Dow utilizes grains to produce natural polymers that can be blended with petroleum-based plastics. The company has now replaced PLA, PVC, and PS plastics with PLA polymers. It not only has high strength and transparency, but also provides retailers with a choice of packaging natural products using natural-based packaging materials.
Uses: Can be used to produce packaging materials, used as shopping bags and portable packaging.

Source: China Flexible Packaging Industry

Adult Toothbrush

Our company produces all kinds of adult toothbrushes, and there are 100 different styles for different functions. The main function is to clean the teeth, the characteristic is the brush head is bigger. According to the needs of different people, bristles are divided into soft and hard three. Brush handle USES environmental protection grade material, can contact food and mouth directly, without any harmful material release, more healthy and safe. To effectively protect your teeth and reduce your oral bacterial infections, brush your teeth at least twice a day. 

Adult Toothbrush

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