Dismantling ink supply part repair method

Fault 2: The main motor carbon brush alarm symbol appears on the console of the Heidelberg CD102-4 offset press

The manufacturer's processing method: directly replace the original carbon brush. The carbon brush was only used for about 2 days and a carbon brush warning symbol appeared again. The inspection revealed that the carbon brush had worn out.

Correct maintenance method: Before replacing the carbon brush, the surface condition of the motor copper head must be checked. If there is obvious wear, it must be strictly handled. The steps are as follows:

1 Disassemble the motor and disassemble the motor rotor.

2 Machine the wear parts on the rotor head of the motor on a lathe.

3 Use sharp tools to clean the grooves on the copper head. Do not allow the mica material in the copper head to come into contact with the carbon brushes to increase the service life of the carbon brushes.

4 Assemble the motor but do not install a carbon brush.

5 Use another motor to drag the motor that is being repaired, and then use a fine sandpaper to grind the copper head of the motor until it reaches a higher finish. Use an air compressor to remove the copper powder from the grinding.

6 Install a carbon brush and use a fine sandpaper to grind the contact surface between the carbon brush and the copper head.

7 Use another motor to drag the main motor for more than 12 hours.

8 Install the main motor to the machine at a speed of 3000 rpm. Check for obvious sparks at the carbon brushes. If the spark is obvious, the above steps should be performed again. If there is no spark, you can use it. The speed of the previous one or two days should not exceed 8000 rpm, and check the wear condition of the carbon brush at any time. After everything is stable, it can run at normal speed.

Fault 3: Feeding tooth row breaks the paper when it meets with the impression cylinder row

Operators' practice: Bend the receiving teeth.

The error: After the delivery teeth are deformed, the size of the crepe paper becomes smaller, which may easily cause the “skinning” failure of the final machine and cause troubles for the regulation of the future delivery tooth row.

Correct maintenance method: Check the gap between the delivery tooth pad and the impression cylinder and the opening and closing time of the drum teeth, and adjust them. If parts of the take-up tooth row become worn, they should be replaced in time.

Fourth, for large faults, choose maintenance personnel

When encountering a fault that cannot be handled by its own maintenance force, external maintenance personnel should be invited to perform equipment maintenance. At present, maintenance companies or individual maintenance personnel of Heidelberg offset presses are numerous and the level varies greatly. Some maintenance personnel or maintenance companies often undertake troubleshooting of equipment that exceeds their capabilities. The results not only do not solve the problems of the equipment, but also bring other problems of the equipment and cause hidden accidents.

Fault 1: Reliance on the failure of the ink roller swing frame

The Heidelberg HD102V offset press that was manufactured in 1985 was broken due to improper operation.

Treatment method: Since I do not know how to disassemble the small wallboard of the ink supply part of the machine, both ends of the original ink string roller are sawn and the domestic ink string roller is replaced.

Fault 2: Quality problems with the ink roller

The replaced ink roller, the position of the 8mm hole on the transmission surface axis deviation is large, can not be installed, the hole is expanded, and the pin is reconfigured, but there is still a positional deviation.

Mistakes: The bearing on the position of the chain roller gear is damaged due to unreasonable force. The damaged bearing ball is dropped into the gear, causing most of the gears of water and ink to be damaged, and the direct economic loss reaches more than 50,000 yuan.

Correct maintenance method: Remove the small wall plate of the ink supply section operating surface, remove the ink roller as a whole, and replace the ink roller swing.

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