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In the offset press, the transfer roller, the transfer roller, the transfer roller, the ink distribution roller, and the reel roller are rubber rollers. These rollers are often used together with different materials of the ink roller and heavy roller. Under normal circumstances, the higher the roller's grease performance, the better the ink's adhesion performance and transfer performance. After a long period of time, the rubber roll tends to have an aging film on the surface, which may degrade the fat-reducing performance, which is unfavorable to the normal transfer of the ink. In particular, the common ink that is easily emulsified and some special inks that easily absorb water and change color easily. . In this case, it is not only easy to cause serious emulsification of the ink, but also the phenomenon of ink accumulation of the roller is more likely to occur, resulting in an increase in dots of the printed product and a lack of text.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned unfavorable phenomena, we use the blanket cleaning reductant during the work process to restore the good grease-sensitive properties of the rubber roller. Because the blanket cleaning reducing agent volatilizes quickly, it often appears that the uneven rubbing, the overswinging of the rubber roller, and the recovery condition of the rubber roller are different, which affects the stable use performance. In response to this situation, we have adopted the following method.

If the aging of the surface of the rubber roller is lighter, first remove the rubber roller and place it on the ink roller bracket, take a plastic container or glass container, inject a certain amount of gasoline inwards, and then wash the blanket with reducing agent to 1: The ratio of 20 is injected into the gasoline, and the mixture is stirred (the amount of the mixed solution should be determined according to the aging degree of the rubber roller and its specific requirements). Then use a cleaning device or gauze to leach the mixture and quickly scrub the surface of the roller again, and allow the entire surface to be fully wetted, and then thoroughly clean the aging roller after the mixture has relieved the roller. In order to ensure a good cleaning effect and recovery performance, it is advisable to scrub from one end of the rubber roller to the other during the cleaning process, and to continuously and evenly turn the rubber roller so that the surface of the rubber roller can be recovered. If it is cleaned again, the recovery effect is not good enough, and the second and third times of cleaning can be performed until a good cleaning effect is achieved.

If the aging of the surface of the rubber roller is serious, then the blanket cleaning reducing agent and gasoline can be prepared in a ratio of 1:10 (the proportion of the rubber can be appropriately increased or decreased according to actual conditions to achieve the purpose of rapid cleaning). The specific cleaning method is basically the same as the previous case. However, it is worth noting that the cleaning after the increase of the proportion of preparation should be rapid in order to avoid the decrease of the cleaning performance caused by the volatile liquid of the mixture. If the aging of the surface of the rubber roller is light or the ink layer with strong adhesion is left on the surface, the blanket can be used to clean the reducing agent and gasoline in the ratio of 1:20 after the ink is changed or the ink on the ink roller is thoroughly cleaned. Or 1:15 ratio formulated and sprinkled on the ink system of the printing press, at the same time, the printer should be rotated so that the liquid mixture is evenly distributed on the rubber rollers. After the printer is rotated for 1 minute to 2 minutes, the machine is shut down for inspection. Rubber roller cleaning effect and recovery conditions.

If the surface of the rubber roller is still low in the sense of fat or if there is an ink layer, some liquid mixture may be poured on the rubber roller, and the cleaning method described above may be continued until the requirements are satisfied. Finally, the white ink is smeared and dispersed evenly while the surface of the roller is wet. This can make the washed ink color material, the aging material of the roller surface into the ink, and finally the ink is fully transferred or washed away.

This method of cleaning the rubber roller directly on the printing machine by using the mixed liquid and recovering its sensory properties is very simple, and it can save a lot of time compared with the method of cleaning the rubber roller. This method is particularly suitable for the process of changing the dark ink to the light ink, which can effectively eliminate the dark ink adhesion and residue on the roller, thereby avoiding the hue change of the ink caused by the color mixing. In the course of work, we also use the mixed liquid to clean the rubber roller regularly or irregularly, which is very useful for preventing the aging of the ink roller. Good results show that it is feasible to use a blanket to clean the mixture of reducing agent and gasoline, and adopt different cleaning methods to clean the rubber roller. This method has a very important role in saving cleaning materials, stabilizing the use of the roller, printing quality and reducing the occurrence of printing failures.

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