Floor concept: "Product area" and "paving area" must be distinguished

A 60-square-meter house was paved with wooden flooring, but it used 71.5 square meters of wooden flooring and cost more than 500 yuan. Recently, Mr. Li, who lives in Tongzhou District of Beijing, has encountered such a worry. The actual paving area of ​​some composite wood flooring differs from the product area marked on the packaging box. When purchasing wooden flooring, in addition to fully considering the difference between the marked area of ​​the product and the actual paving area and the normal loss of construction, the merchant must be The area of ​​the wooden floor purchased on the sales contract or purchase voucher is the product area or the actual paving area.

Case -

An "area" explains the concept of consumer trapping "besieged city"

Not long ago, Mr. Li, who lives in Taihu Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, saw a composite wood floor with a price of 45 yuan per square meter in a building materials market. Since Mr. Li’s house has an indoor area of ​​60 square meters, the merchants have recommended that Mr. Li purchase 10 square meters of floor space as a loss during the installation process, and that the final payment amount is calculated based on the actual usage. Mr. Li felt that the merchant's suggestion was somewhat reasonable. He paid a deposit of 70 square meters of wooden floor and agreed to a total payment of 3,150 yuan.

Subsequently, the installation workers came to Mr. Li’s house. They took the 70-square-meter wooden floor ordered by Mr. Li and brought 5 square meters of floor space, saying that it was “not enough”. Mr. Li carefully checked the specifications and quantity of the wooden floor packaging, and found no problems, so he agreed to the workers to install.

After the paving was completed, the workers told Mr. Li at the checkout that the total amount of the goods was 3217.5 yuan. This confuses Mr. Li: his house is only 60 square meters, how can he use 71.5 square meters of wooden floor? Mr. Li thought that the other party was wrong, asked to re-measure the floor area, the measurement results show that Mr. Li's home The house did use 71.5 square meters of wooden flooring.


The difference between the two words is not the same as the paving area.

Just when Mr. Li was very puzzled about this, an installation worker broke the secret. Originally, the outer surface of the wooden floor product is marked with the product area. For the installation of the wooden floor, there will be a splicing groove on both sides, and the area occupied by the groove is calculated within the product area. After the wooden floor is installed, the gutters are pressed inside the adjacent panels. Take the wooden floor bought by Mr. Li as an example. The width of each wooden floor is 8 mm. After the board is paved into a floor, the actual usable area per square meter of wooden floor is only 0.94 square meters, plus the installation process. The normal loss, so the 60 square meters of the house using 71.5 square meters of floor is easy to understand.

Mr. Li has a disagreement with the merchants on the understanding of this issue. Mr. Li dialed the phone number of the manufacturer of the wooden floor. The factory staff said that the wooden floor he purchased was the product area rather than the actual paving area. If the actual paving area was used for sales, the price per square meter would increase. . After many negotiations, there was no result, and then Mr. Li complained to the Beijing Tongzhou Industrial and Commercial Branch. In the process of mediation, Mr. Li and the sellers have great differences on the measurement methods of wooden floors. After many mediations, it is still impossible to reach an agreement.

Beijing Tongzhou Industrial and Commercial Branch reminds consumers to buy wooden floor and other decoration materials. It is best to open the package to measure the actual product area, then calculate the actual usage, and let the merchant indicate the commodity measurement standard on the sales contract or deposit receipt. Calculate methods so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to yourself.

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