Clever eyeliner to create glamorous eye makeup

Eyeliner can increase personal charm, but many people feel that the eyeliner is difficult to control, and the eyeliner is evenly drawn. Here, Xiaobian will share with you the eyeliner and create a charming eye makeup.

1, the eyeliner golden rule

Skillfully drawing eyeliner

Eyeliner, liquid, and cream selection rules: In terms of personal experience, no matter how good the eyeliner will have a smudge of makeup, if you wear makeup for a long time, it is best not to use an eyeliner, it is easy to make a panda eye. The advantage of the eyeliner is that it is easy to apply, so it is especially suitable for beginners.

Eyeliner is not easy to smudge, but the disadvantage is that it is more suitable for skilled veterans of makeup, because after all, it is a soft brush, it is difficult to master, easy to draw and twist. For now, eyeliner is a relatively good product, because the eyeliner brush is flat, easy to handle, and the cream is not easy to smudge, but the disadvantage is that the eyeliner sometimes appears powdery, and the general price Not cheap.

10° rule: Before drawing the eyeliner, be sure to check the corners of the eyes carefully to see if the tail of the eye can form a 10° angle with the lower eyelid. If the angle is greater than 10°, the eyeliner that draws the corner of the eye should be lowered by 10°, and if it is less than 10°, it should be picked up. Keeping your eyeliner at 10° is perfect.

Because of the "eye" rule: the eyeliner is not static, different eyes are suitable for different eyeliner.

If you are wearing MM glasses, you should increase the lower eyeliner so that it will not be covered by the lens.

If it is a double MM, use an eyeliner to increase the upper eyeliner, and draw a wider width, in order to create a big eye effect of natural double eyelids.

If there is a sagging MM in the corner of the eye, when drawing the eyeliner, close the eyelash root of the eyelid and fill the gap with the eyeliner. Keep the width of the eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner. At the end of the corner of the eye, the eyeliner should be pulled out to correct the problem of sagging the corner of the eye.

If the distance between the eyes is wide, the inner corner of the eye should be emphasized and the distance between the eyes should be shortened. Draw a thin eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye and cover it with a thin black eye shadow.

2, draw eyeliner detailed steps

(1) If you are using eyeliner, first shake the bottle of eyeliner first to mix the liquid evenly. Then pull out the brush head of the eyeliner and hang up the excess liquid to make the eyeliner creased.

(2) For the less skilled MM, you can now draw a few strokes on the back of the hand to familiarize yourself with the feel.

(3) Hold the pen (brush) index finger and ring finger on the cheek to prevent hand shake. The index finger of the other hand grabs the end of the eye and lifts it up, the chin is raised, and the eye is looking down at the mirror. Then draw the eyeliner from the part 1/3 of the corner of the eye, and draw the eyeliner evenly by drawing back and forth.

(4) From the end of the eye, the end of the double eyelids, the eye line is raised.

(5) At this time, there is a gap between the eyeliner and the eyelashes. It looks very strange. Fill the gap with an eyeliner (brush) to make the eyeliner natural and beautiful.

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