Actress Su Yanzhao’s “囧”

Although the actress's camera is glamorous and beautiful in front of the camera, but in the end is not a beauty, look at its plain photos will be clear at a glance! Today, Xiao Bian came to expose some actresses , who are really "squeaky".

Yang Qianhua Chen Qiaoen Su Yanzhao

Yang Qianhua Chen Qiao En Su Yanzhao

Chen Qiaoen has no makeup and finally has a good time, but Yang Qianhua who is a wife, the face is not so flat!

Xu Ruoyu Su Yanzhao

Xu Ruoyu Su Yanzhao

Xu Ruoxuan, who is already in middle age, can be called the myth of the old age in the entertainment circle. Looking at her tender and childish face, many women are envious, and the experience of skin care Xu Ruojun is first-class!