Composite hose printing requirements for consumables

Due to the use of high-cost materials such as composite sheets as substrates, the performance of flexible printing equipment is higher than that of ordinary flexographic printing. The printing equipment must be equipped with a corona treatment device and the printing unit must be installed. Full UV curing system requires equipment with precise tension control system and overall stability of the whole machine. The printing quality is controlled easily, the printing speed is fast, and the product variety has high flexibility in replacement.

Although domestic manufacturers such as Ziguang, Black Bull, Beiren Fuji, Sunray Sun, Taihang, etc., manufacture narrow-format flexographic printing presses, hose printing is still dominated by imported equipment.

Flexographic printing is a type of letterpress printing. Although it has a history of nearly one hundred years, the popularity of UV inks in domestic flexographic printing is only a few short years. Compared with water-based inks and solvent-based inks, UV inks have a high viscosity and poor leveling in the screen printing hoses, resulting in poor ink distribution on the anilox roll. The anilox roll and the printing plate roll need to be enlarged during operation. Between the pressure to express the level effect of the print. However, such operations will often cause problems with paste plate, printing plate resistance to printing force, and insufficient print color saturation.

At present, foreign countries have developed water-based UV inks, which greatly improved the above situation, but the price is relatively expensive. When used, it often causes waste due to improper operation. From the perspective of economic efficiency, employees are required to have a strong sense of responsibility and pay attention to daily savings.

Printing materials accounted for the largest proportion of hose printing costs. However, in the printing process, many waste products are often caused by instability of the quality of the sheet, such as uneven tension at both ends of the composite sheet, crumpling on the surface, non-uniform thickness per unit area, and internal friction coefficient. Problems such as large changes are all factors that cause the decline in the yield.

Hose printing has very high requirements on the printability of composite sheets. We hope that domestic manufacturers of composite sheets can further improve their overall quality, stabilize their printability, allow printing companies to better control the printing quality of hoses, and save products. Cost to achieve a win-win situation for suppliers and users.

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