Questions about merchants sticking adhesives

What are the things cardboard manufacturers should pay attention to when choosing a tile line?”, “How to improve the quality of cardboard products?”, “How to formulate a qualified adhesive?” and “How to correctly use additive products?” Most paperboard manufacturers are concerned about the issues. Mr. Zhang Dongmin of Shenzhen Xinyang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. answered these questions from the perspective of adhesives.

1. From the perspective of carton binders, what matters need to be paid attention to when acquiring tile lines?

A: I mainly provide carton manufacturers with several suggestions in combination with the problems encountered in the practical work in the field of adhesives:

First of all, don't overlook the binder preparation and recycling system, especially the newly purchased production line. This is often overlooked. For example, there is no steam heating device in the pulping equipment, weak mixing capacity, position of the pulping room, pipeline design trend and selection of the return pump are not reasonable, which may lead to the deterioration of the adhesive quality. "Saddle", can not maximize its effectiveness. For example, a plant in South China has four single-sided machines A, B, C, and E on a newly installed production line. Each single-sided machine is equipped with a storage tank above it. This is unreasonable. In fact, it is sufficient to share one slurry tank, which also helps improve product quality. Although manufacturers want to change, but fear of affecting the progress of the project had to give up. There are many related details, which are not repeated here.

Second, we must pay more attention to the performance and quality of single-sided machines. In many articles, I have already called for the industry to pay attention to the quality of bonding of single-sided machines (see “On the Bonding of Corrugated Boards” in the March and July editions of the Global Corrugated Paper Industry”, because of the There is a big difference between the bonding process and the double-sided machine, and the bonding quality is not as good as a double-sided machine. I very much agree with the view that "single-faced machines are the heart of tile lines." The improvement of the quality of the single-sided machine fully reflects the technological content, and the adhesion strength and edge pressure intensity of many manufacturers do not meet the requirements of customers. To a certain extent, the single-sided machine has dragged its feet.

2. How to formulate a qualified adhesive?

A: There are many factors that affect the quality of paperboard. It can be roughly divided into the following four types: base paper quality, production equipment status, adhesive quality, staff operation level and responsibility. Although the adhesive is only a part, if there is no qualified adhesive, even a staff with a good production line and high level cannot produce high-quality products. The adhesive is very important, comparing it to the blood of the human body, not excessive.

A considerable number of manufacturers recognize the importance of adhesives, but they are relatively backward in the formulation process and the use of links, and there are generally low solids content, unreasonable gelatinization temperature, poor viscosity stability, and adhesives. The monitoring of the cyclic process does not pay attention.

In addition, due to the fierce market competition, manufacturers are very strict control of the cost, but the use of adhesives is over-costed. After all, the cost of adhesives is less than 1% of the total cost. Increasing this cost has little impact on the overall cost. Moreover, the improvement of adhesive quality will also help to reduce the scrap rate and other losses, improve product quality, increase vehicle speed, and reduce the overall cost, which will have a multiplier effect. A well-known South China factory, after accepting our services, increased the adhesive cost by 30%. However, only a reduction in scrap rate in the paper board workshop exceeded the increased cost. It did not include the potential caused by factors such as improved quality and speed. income. It can be seen from this that manufacturers should consider the concept of cost at a higher level and consider it comprehensively, not counting the gains and losses of one city and one place.

3. How to use additive products correctly?

A: Practice has proved that the use of suitable additive products does play a significant role in improving product quality and reducing overall losses. In the past two years, a variety of additive products have been released. According to our rough statistics, there are now no less than 20 product brands on the market, and their role is not the same. There are improvements in the performance of waterproof and moisture resistance, and there are improvements in the speed of vehicles. Physical indicators, many manufacturers have tried more than one product, but not really satisfied.

When this happens, there are problems with the quality of the additive product, and there are also factors that are inappropriate. Some customers are misled by some additive manufacturers or sales personnel and believe that additives are universal. This understanding is not correct. Cardboard manufacturers must consider which additive to use according to their needs, equipment conditions, type of base paper, and quality of employees. They must also consider the supplier's professional level and after-sales service, because if you want to add an additive product The full play of the role does not simply mean "falling in and using it". It contains a considerable amount of expertise.

In addition, the quality of similar products is also uneven, to take up the role of resin additives for the role of moisture, there are nearly 10 brands, the surface looks the same, but the role and effect is very different, some solid content of 30% Around, gelatinization time is a few minutes; several imported brands have more than 50% solids content, gelatinization time is less than one minute, the fastest can reach 40 seconds.

4. How to improve the quality of cardboard products?

A: Improving the quality of cardboard products is a systematic project. The factors that affect the quality of the paperboard mentioned in the previous article can be roughly divided into: the quality of the base paper, the status of the production equipment, the quality of the adhesive, the level of employee operation, and the sense of responsibility. It is these factors that constitute the core content of product quality.

In the situation where the quality of raw paper and the condition of the equipment are difficult to change, the improvement of the staff's level of operation, responsibility and the quality of adhesives is particularly important. This kind of training can quickly improve the professional quality of employees, thereby greatly improving the quality of the products, and effectively controlling waste products and other losses.

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