The beverage market looks forward to multi-layered packaging alternatives

Multi-layer packaging is expensive and difficult to recycle. Soft drink manufacturers want to be able to pack products with other, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly barrier materials.

Barnaby Wallace, Purchasing Manager at Coca-Cola, pointed out that the two markets in which the company is most interested, India and China, need low-cost packaging. The beverage prices in these two markets are lower than those in other markets. If the packaging costs are too high, the profit margin will be greatly squeezed. So Coca-Cola is very happy to see great progress in the research of low-cost barrier packaging materials.

Oxygen phagocytosis agents are thought to be possible alternatives to multilayer packaging materials. AmosorbDFC transparent copolyester, developed by BP, London, UK, has an active barrier property and can be permanently combined with oxygen. Amosorb started as a sandwich in a multi-layer polyester beverage bottle, which is still costly; if it is used in a lower-cost single-layer beverage bottle, a practical, inexpensive polyester bottle can be produced.

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