Witness the jade girl Zhou Huimin's eye protection secret recipe

The jade girl Zhou Huimin has her own secret recipe. The eye mask makes her feel that the skin of the eye is particularly moisturized, even the fine lines are invisible, and the first aid effect is better, which can help her eliminate the problem of eye edema. "I also found a benefit. I recently returned to Taiwan and saw many good friends. I cried for a long time. I used the eye mask at night and found that my eyes were not swollen the next day!"

1. Thoroughly clean and then apply. If you are rushing to a date after work, at least remove the eye makeup and apply the eye mask.

2, the eye mask can be refrigerated in summer. Ice-cold eye masks will make the puffy eyes absolutely soothing.

3. Choose the best time to apply eye mask .

4. One week after the physiological cycle: the secretion of estrogen is strong, and the eye mask is most effective;

When taking a bath: speed up the cycle by means of hot air;

Before going to bed: Let nutrients work when you sleep.

3. Apply hot before applying. Many gel-like eye masks release the active ingredients by body temperature. Before applying the eye mask, they can be applied to the eyes with a warm towel for 5-10 seconds (repeated three times) to make the blood circulation around the eyes better. Double film effect

5, after the application of the eye mask can not be wasted. After the eye mask is applied, it can be used to apply the law to make lines and raise the head lines.

6, the eye mask does not need to apply every day. The eye mask is an "emergency" product. If the skin around the eye is in a bad condition, you can use the eye mask to do a week of intensive maintenance. Two times a week is enough.

7, eye mask is the best skin care products at night insomnia! Insomnia, stay up and go online or watch TV, don't forget to put a mask on the way, you can make the eyes look more charming every other day.

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