Point to 4 big steps, wrinkle has a coup

As the years go by, the spots don’t consciously come to care for you. What measures have you taken? Today, Xiaobian will explain the 4 major steps for the problem of spotted skin, so that the skin will regain its radiance.

Point to 4 big steps, wrinkle has a coup

Step 1: Make cleansing and make skin moist and delicate

Cleaning is the most important thing to prevent wrinkles. It is also an important step to reduce wrinkles. Because of the harsh external environment, many exhaust gases and dust can easily adhere to the skin, and the radiation of computer screens is also a hidden danger. These dirty things will make the skin lose its original elasticity and easily grow wrinkles. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to clean, use a cleansing product suitable for your skin to clean the skin. During the cleaning process, a steam meter can also be used to achieve the purpose of moistening the face to expand the pores.

Step 2: Choose an essence that is suitable for deep wrinkles

The production of wrinkles is not only found on the surface of the skin, but is caused by the relaxation and collapse of the bottom layer of the muscle layer. Therefore, the common anti-aging products on the market cannot solve these problems at all. The good news from the Swedish Nobel Awards can be The wrinkle product that acts on the bottom layer of the muscles has the effect of deep wrinkles. Women who want to get rid of wrinkles without wanting to endure the pain of plastic surgery may wish to pay more attention.

The third step: focus on strengthening the skin's moisturizing care

The appearance of wrinkles in the skin is closely related to the loss of skin moisture and collagen. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the intake of water and collagen, especially in heating rooms and air-conditioned rooms. You can choose a humidifier and a small spray for hydrating. Also pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. If you add collagen, you need to eat more collagen-rich foods such as trotters, chicken feet, fish skin and fungus.

the fourth step. Master a set of crumpled facial massage exercises

Facial muscles have struggled with the gravitational pull of the earth since birth, and sagging and slackening are also increasing. Before going to bed at night or do in just 3-5 minutes pulling compact set of facial skin before going out in the morning facial gymnastics, long stick with it, you will find that there are special effects.

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