Specialty paper ink terms

An ink with special properties or special purpose.

1 Heat-fixing ink heat-set printing ink

The ink that quickly evaporates when heated to fix the ink layer on the substrate.

2 Infrared fixing ink infrared setting printing ink

Infrared light is used to irradiate the ink that can quickly fix the ink layer.

3 hot melt ink

It is a solid at room temperature, and it needs ink heated by a printing machine ink to melt the ink for printing. The ink is frozen when the print is cold, so it is also called cold-fixed ink.

4 wet fixed ink moisture – set printing ink

When the printing ink layer absorbs water to a certain degree, the resin in the ink is precipitated and solidified and dried.

5 Steam fixing ink steam-set printing ink

A type of ink that is fixed wet and can be quickly fixed and dried by steam treatment.

6 Wax fixing ink wax setting printing ink

The ink-printed prints were immediately immersed in the melted wax and the ink layer was immediately fixed. Also known as wax coagulation ink.

7 Thermal curing ink thermo curing

The ink reacts quickly with heat to produce an insoluble, infusible solid ink film.

8 UV curing ink ultra-violet curing printing ink

The ink on the print can be fully cured in an instant after being irradiated with ultraviolet light.

9 Electron beam curing ink electron-beam curing ink

Irradiation with an electron beam that cures instantly.

10 heat transfer ink heat transfer printing ink

The printed pattern on a special paper can contact the ink transferred to other materials.

11 Decal ink decal process printing ink

The ink is printed on special detachable and water-moisturizing adhesive decals.

12 ceramic decal ink ceramic decal printing ink

The inks made of ceramic-specific pigments and binders are printed on ceramic decals, transferred on ceramics, and then sintered to color.

13 Conductive ink electrically conductive advertising ink

The ink made of conductive material has a certain degree of conductive properties and can be used as a printed conductive point or conductive line.

14 magnetic ink magnetic printing ink

The ink made of magnetizable material can be read by an electronic reading device, such as a new bank check, a credit card, etc., after printing the code on a certain substrate.

15 Optical mark recognition ink optical mark recognition ink (OMR ink)

With inks made from very low reflectance pigments such as carbon black, the prints can exhibit a certain degree of reflective contrast to the optical scanning reader, which can be used to interpret the printed line markings with an optical scanning reader.

16 Optical Character Recognition Ink (OCR ink)

With inks made from very low reflectance pigments such as carbon black, the prints can exhibit a certain degree of reflective contrast to the optical scanning reader, which can be used to interpret the printed data characters with an optical scanning reader.

17 Safety ink safety ink

The imprinting of such inks may cause discoloration or discoloration when contacted with fading or water, and it is also easily erased by the eraser. The printing of the shading of the securities can prevent the alteration.

18 Invisible ink sympathetic ink

The ink blots are generally not visible and are visible under special conditions. Such as visible ultraviolet light, chemical treatment visible.

19 security ink anti-forgery ink

The ink that undergoes certain changes under special conditions is used to print visible or invisible marks, facilitating verification and prevention of counterfeiting.

20 foaming ink foaming ink

This ink contains foaming material. The heat treatment of the print, that is, foaming uplift, becomes a print with a certain height.

21 Ink embossing ink

Makes the print bumps for bold ink.

22 Braille printing ink printing ink for braille

Braille readings require that the handwriting be raised so that it can be read by hand. The ink used is one of 3.5.20 foamed inks.

23 moldproof ink fungicidal ink

Ink that can prevent mold growth to some extent.

24 Aromatic Ink

Aroma odor ink.

25 Grease proof ink

Printing inks and other oils and fats packaging products, contact with grease does not fall off without falling.

26 Washable and hot ink indelible printing ink

It can be used for the printing of fabrics that can be washed and scalded without bleeding, discoloration or peeling.

27 washable ink ink washable

Used for the printing of a certain type of fabric, the ink is easy to wash away.

28 metallic ink metallic ink

Refers to inks made of metallic pigments, such as gold ink and silver ink.

29 Gold ink gold ink (bronze ink)

The ink that is gold-lustre after printing is made of copper alloy powder.

30 silver ink silver ink

The silver-gloss ink after printing is made of aluminum powder as a pigment.

31 pearl ink lusting printing ink

With inks made of pearlescent pigments, the prints have a beautiful pearl luster.

32 flat light ink (lightless ink) mat ink (dull ink)

Imprinted inks with extremely low or no gloss, also known as matte inks.

33 fluorescent ink fluorescent ink

Inks made with fluorescent pigments have the property of converting short-wave UV light into longer visible light and reflecting more brilliant colors.

34 Luminous ink

An ink made of a luminescent pigment has the property of emitting pale green phosphorescence in a considerable time after being excited by sunlight or other light sources, and is also called a phosphorescent ink or a luminous ink.

35 double tone ink double tone ink

An ink containing a soluble dye in the vehicle chain exhibits a double hue on the edge of the print due to the halo of the soluble dye.

36 two cans of ink printing ink for two piece can

Applicable to aluminum two-piece, can printing ink.

37 three-color printing ink three colours process ink

Suitable for three-color printing yellow, magenta, blue three sets of inks.

38 Glass ink ink

An ink that can be printed on glass and adheres firmly.

39 cellophane ink cartophane printing ink

An ink that can be printed on glass paper and adheres firmly.

40 Metal foil ink printing ink for metal-foil

An ink that can be printed on metal foil and firmly attached.

41 hose oil collapsible tube printing ink

Ink for metal hose printing process.

42 hose roller coating collapsible tube roller coating

Applicable to gold-colored hoses.

43 tin-plate roller coating

Suitable for tin-plated tin-plated inks.

44 carbon ink ink carbon paper ink

Special ink for making carbon paper.

45 ball pen ink ball ink ink

Dedicated to the manufacture of ballpoint pen inks.

46 cover ink ink for stamping

Dedicated to stamps and other inks that are written off.

47 numbering machine ink for numbering machine

Ink for number cover number.

48 Cover ink ink for masking

Ink for coating or plate making corrections. The former is white and the latter is black.

49 waterless offset ink waterless offset ink

An offset ink that does not use a wetting water system for printing.

50 Letterpress Printing ink

Department of ink printing ink on the printing blanket and then transferred to the ink on the substrate. Commonly known as dry offset ink.

51 Electrostatic copying ink electrostatic printing ink

Suitable for electrostatic copying process with special electrostatic properties of the ink. There are two major categories of dry powder state and suspension state.

52 dry electrostatic toner toner xerographic toner

Suitable for dry electrostatic photocopiers, easily colored powder due to friction or induction electrostatic. Among them are the one-component and two-component components.

53 wet electrostatic copying ink electrofax liquid toner

The liquid colloid system with electrostatic pigment particles suspended in a relative insulating medium is suitable for wet electrostatic development.

54 jet printing ink jet printing ink

A liquid ink that can be ejected onto a substrate as required to produce image text due to the effect of the electric field between the ink jet port of the ink jet printer and the substrate.

55 lithographic drawing ink

Also known as lithography ink, soda ink, transfer ink, has special adhesion to artificial marble plate material, can be portrayed on the special soda paper image characters transferred to the plate material to make lithographic printing plate. It can also be used directly on the lithograph plate to depict or modify it.

56 falling graphite copyable ink

Also known as printing ink. It is suitable for making lithographic printing plates or offset printing plates for graphic purposes to increase the firmness of the graphic portions on the printing plate.

57 (electronic components) marking ink electronic coponent marking ink

The ink used to print logos on various plastic electronic components.

58 wire ink wire marking ink

Ink is printed on the insulating coating of the wire for durable printing.

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