How to improve the quality of book binding

For books and periodicals, the quality of the products is inseparable from the quality of the binding.

A book, no matter what the printing quality is, as long as the quality of the binding is not good, it cannot be regarded as a qualified product, that is, the quality of the binding directly affects the quality of the final product.

So, how can we improve the quality of book binding? The author believes that the following problems should be solved.

First, we must first raise the quality awareness of employees. Requiring all employees to establish the view that quality is the life of the company. So that employees can clearly understand that the current market competition is actually a competition of quality. For enterprises to survive and develop, they must continuously improve product quality and establish their own image in the market and in front of consumers. It is necessary to continuously educate employees on quality awareness and quality regulations, so that everyone can consciously abide by the quality regulations and ensure that they do not produce waste products in their own hands. Only when the quality awareness of the staff is improved can high-quality products be produced.

Second, to solve the process problem, the process in the whole process of product formation must be strictly operated in accordance with quality standards, and each process must be strictly controlled, that is to say, the printed matter sent to the bookbinding workshop must be guaranteed to meet the quality requirements. This is the basis for ensuring the quality of book binding. This needs to be grasped from the preliminary work of printing, such as typing, imposition, copying, and printing, and each process must strictly control the quality of the process, so that the core and page number of the print are accurate , And then enter the binding workshop construction.

The binding workshop process is complex, requiring every type of work and every procedure to work strictly in accordance with the corresponding quality standards. According to the requirements of books and periodicals, sorting and binding. For hardcover, paperback, saddle stitching, and perfect binding, the first level of folding should be done. Folding should ensure that the quality of the signature meets the prescribed standards. If the page number of the signature is not accurate, there will be skew and other phenomena, it will directly affect the work of the next process. If a book has a page with poor quality, it will affect the pass rate of the product. Each process after folding must also not have substandard semi-finished products flowing into the next process, otherwise it will affect product quality. Therefore, binding books and periodicals is a highly demanding and highly technical work. To ensure the quality of books and periodicals, we must work hard on the craftsmanship, and the pass rate of products will increase.

3. Establish and improve the reward and punishment system of rewards and punishments, and strengthen the detection function. Education alone cannot solve the quality problem of book binding. It is necessary to combine economic means to formulate some necessary and reasonable management systems to ensure that we must establish advanced quality models, criticize those who are poor, and teach backward comrades to learn from advanced ones. Accidents must be punished. Only by conscientiously strengthening inspection and appraisal, and supervising the work, can we ensure the implementation of various quality management systems and promote the improvement of book binding quality. In summary, if these problems can be solved well, it is believed that it will be beneficial to improve the quality of book binding.