Snow Ice Machine FM50

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Bio ice maker / brand: YKKKY
Specification model: FM50
Reference price: 22800 yuan

Technical Parameters: Laboratory-specific snowflake ice making mechanism Ice volume: 50kg / 24h
Ice storage capacity: 15kg
Water consumption: 2.4L / H
Dimensions: 480 × 480 × 740 mm
Power requirements: 220V 50Hz 410W or 230V 60Hz
Cooling method: shape of air-cooled ice: indefinite micro-granular ice machine Net weight: 58kg
main feature: ● Small ice shape, good ice bath effect, specially designed for laboratory.
● The whole machine is small in size, saving space, stainless steel shell, beautiful and practical.
● High-quality refrigeration ice-making system, making ice quickly, efficient and energy-saving.
● The control system adopts a microcomputer board, the whole process of monitoring, perfect protection.
● The front part is equipped with a power switch for easy use.
other instructions: YKKY brand FM series snow ice machine is a new type of high-quality snow ice machine developed and produced by Beijing Changliu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Integrate the latest technology in Europe and America, professionally design and manufacture according to the requirements of laboratory ice.

The microcomputer controller displays as follows:
★ Ice full display ★ Water shortage display ★ Ice motor failure display ★ Condensation temperature is too high display ★ Refrigerant lack display ★ If there is a problem with the machine, the corresponding alarm indicator lights, and the corresponding protective measures are activated until shutdown.
★ The microcomputer controller automatically controls and displays the entire ice making process of the ice maker. The ice maker has reliable control, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

â–  Snowflake ice The indefinite and fine-grained ice can penetrate into the narrow gap, cooling quickly, and the ice bath effect is good, suitable for laboratory use.
â–  Space-saving design Double-spiral extrusion ice-making method, the ice-making machine has a compact structure and small volume, which reduces the occupation of laboratory space.
â–  Unique ice making system professionally designed refrigeration circuit, control system and various mechanism components, efficient ice making, easy to use.
â–  Strain design for power failure and water cutout When the ice maker is running, even if there is a sudden power outage, the water cutout will not matter. After the water and electricity are restored, the ice maker will resume from the working state when the power is cut off \ water cut, and the ice maker will be automatically restored.
â–  Safety considerations The ice machine is equipped with a leakage protection switch to ensure peace of mind and safe use.

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