Patent name:environmental composite paper

Patent name:environmental composite paper

Application number: CN200420015065.5 Publication number: CN2679223

Application Date: 2004.01.19 Public Day: 2005.02.16

Applicant: Yang Peixi

The utility model discloses an environmental protection composite paper. A full-degradation waterproof layer is compounded on the surface of a paper substrate, and the full-degradation waterproof layer is formed by coating a surface of a paper substrate with a multifunctional full-degradation surface waterproof agent, and the full-degradation surface layer. The water repellent uses cellulose as the main material and ethanol as the solvent. The novel paper packaging material of the utility model is waterproof, heat sealable and cold coatable; at the same time, the cellulose in the waterproof layer of the waste packaging material can be completely degraded together with the paper under the action of microorganisms, and there is no pollution to the environment. 60

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