Choose wedding dress mm

In order to make themselves become the focus of attention in the wedding day, many new brides are very cautious in choosing wedding dresses, and they hope to carefully select the most beautiful wedding dress that can set off their own. However, at the time of selection, you must be very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of your own body, and try to maximize the advantages of the principle of modification.

★ People with poor lower body (big hips, too thick legs, etc...)
Try to cover the main style of the skirt as much as possible, do not pick the style of the design line like a fishtail dress.

★ fleshy abdomen, thick waist can choose to have a wedding dress with inverted triangular lines design, or high-waist baby dress wedding design, can shift the focus of fuzzy vision.

★Butterfly sleeves flesh arm can choose to have a set of shawl design, or find their own shawls to match each other as a styling ornament to cover the arm, do not show abruptly in the cool autumn season, do not choose the wedding dress with too fine shoulder strap , so as not to form a strong contrast, but also highlight the shortcomings.

★ Body size is too thin to avoid the choice of too low-cut or high exposed style, so as not to support it, you can pick a high-necked or long-sleeved Victorian style wedding dress, can show a sense of temperament and presence.

★ Those who are too full on the upper body focus on the simple and low-key design of elegant tailoring. Too complicated design will have the illusion of a bearish back, and if the skirt is a close-fitting design, it will emphasize the sense of discomfort.

According to the method of selecting wedding dresses mentioned above, in fact, as long as you pay more attention to your personal characteristics and consult friends and wedding dress stylists, you can usually choose a wedding dress that suits you. Don't blindly stick to your own dreams. The design, however, completely ignores the problem of helping the body to hide and promote.

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