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【Patent Type】 Utility Model 【Patent Name】 Paper Cartons with Sanitary Paper 【Applicant】 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Jin Yusheng [The address of the main applicant] Tokyo Metropolitan Government [Application No.] 200320102142.6
【 Application Date 】 2003.10.27
【Accredited Announcement No.】 2698250
【 Validation announcement date 】 2005.05.11
【 Main Category 】 A47K10/20
[Category] A47K10/20 A47K10/42
[Priority] 2002.11.15 JP 2002-007275
[Sovereignty Items] 1. A carton containing a sanitary paper, which is provided on a carton containing at least an approximately rectangular parallelepiped-shaped sanitary paper having an outlet port thereon, and is characterized by comprising twelve sides of the rectangular parallelepiped. In the case of at least two sides, the corner is chamfered.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0519
[Abstract] The utility model provides a paper box for packing sanitary paper such as facial tissue, which gives consideration to the safety problem of not hurting young children, etc., while giving the uniqueness and elegant impression of the shape of the paper box, and it has Easy to handle shape. In a carton containing at least an approximately rectangular parallelepiped-shaped tissue-mounted paper having an outlet thereabove, at least two of the twelve sides constituting the rectangular parallelepiped are chamfered. The chamfered edge 12 is formed by at least two fold lines, and the chamfered portion formed between the fold lines is a flat surface. In addition, as another aspect, the shape of the chamfered side 12 is a curved surface that is convex outward.
【 Agency 】 Beijing Jikai Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. [Agent] Long Hao

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