Wright Machinery: Vibration Weighing Conveyors Bring Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Wright Machinery has developed a weighing conveyor based on the vibration principle, which has the advantages of low maintenance and easy cleaning. This transfer machine has no moving parts and is completely stainless steel construction and conforms to the IP65 standard. The Weighwright conveyor uses a geometric configuration to ensure that the product can be measured directly by the weighing cell and that the weighing repeatability is within ±1% of the weight of the product being weighed. The design of this conveyor ensures that it will not be affected by the ambient temperature (between 0 degrees and 50 degrees), and the delivered product temperature can reach more than 100 degrees.

“Weighwrigh provides hygienic design, low-cost maintenance, no need for belts, motors or rollers, eliminating the need for cleaning, repair and tracking of these parts,” said Mike Reed, sales manager at Wright Machinery. "At the same time, the conveyor will also suppress the accumulation of product during the transfer process and ensure the accuracy of the transfer." This new conveyor can be used to transfer snacks (peanuts, cheeses), biscuits, cereals, etc. There are three models for you to choose from. The delivery volume is 50-650 kg/h, 400-1200 kg/h, and 750-3000 kg/h, respectively.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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