Office furniture market chaos like Chongqing elegant garden furniture quality is good to win word of mouth

Office furniture market chaos like Chongqing elegant garden furniture quality is good to win word of mouth

Affected by various unfavorable factors such as rising raw material prices and rising labor costs, the office furniture industry has bid farewell to the high-speed growth period of the previous years. The problems of corporate brand awareness, product homogeneity, and price wars have emerged one after another, and the office furniture market is in jeopardy. However, under the unfavorable situation, there are also office furniture companies that have won word of mouth and market with excellent products and services. Chongqing Elegant Group, a leading enterprise in environmental protection furniture, is one of the best.

Office furniture brand awareness is weak

Affected by the decline in the real estate market sentiment index and the slowdown in the national economy, the furniture industry has gradually fallen into a downturn, and the office furniture market has also bid farewell to the golden age of growth. The problems that were concealed under high growth in the past have suddenly been exposed.

In the past, the development of the office furniture market was not very mature, with fewer professional stores and imperfect industrial development. Whether it is a consumer or a manufacturing company, the emphasis on the brand is not very high. Along with the weak corporate brand awareness, it is a serious problem of product homogeneity.

An executive of Chongqing Elegant Group Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said in an interview that with the continuous development of the office furniture market, the simple and extensive development model is about to become a thing of the past, and the brand awareness of customers will become stronger and stronger in the future. Highlighting, building a brand and meeting the individual needs of customers has become a top priority for office furniture companies.

It is reported that in order to change the market homogenization problem, Chongqing Elegance Group has customized the design according to customer needs to ensure that the products of different customers will not be similar, so that the furniture style will show personal taste and win the favor of customers, but also for others. Office furniture companies have set a good example.


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