Large-sized wardrobe design to play the corner corner space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Large-sized apartment is not as conservative as a small apartment when designing a wardrobe . It can be developed and can be independent. Households with good economic conditions can consider L-shaped wardrobes or U-shaped wardrobes. They can make full use of the corner space. Are you worried about the storage problem?

Large apartment wardrobe recommended one:

Large wardrobe

Style : Nordic, court

Product size : Length: 2325 cm Width: 600 cm Height: 2126 cm

Substrate : rubber wood frame + MDF

Product Comments : Retro but sweet is the characteristics of this wardrobe, the five-door design, showing the pride of large-sized residential. Elegant and romantic ivory white, is the main color of the single product that should be possessed in the petty bourgeoisie.

Material : ★★★★★

Appearance : ★★★★☆

Style : ★★★★☆

Pairing : ★★★★☆

Large apartment wardrobe recommended two:

Bedroom wardrobe design

Color : ivory white, white maple, black walnut, tea wood color optional

Style : simple and modern

Product size : according to the size of the wardrobe

Substrate : optional

Product Comments : L-type wardrobe is a kind of overall design wardrobe, showing a feeling of openness and tolerance. With all the clothes in front of you, there is a feeling of falling into the flowers, but you can't extricate yourself. The cloakroom with L-shaped wardrobe design is believed to be the dream choice for every clothing designer!

Material : ★★★★☆

Appearance : ★★★★★

Style : ★★★★★

Pairing : ★★★★★

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