How to choose the right frame?

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Frame Size Select the size, model, and color of the inner side of the spectacle temple or the surface of the braces. Some of the spectacle frames will indicate the origin, brand, and material on the other side. The specifications of the spectacle frame consist of three parts: mirror ring size, nasal bridge size and temple size.

Example: 50 represents the size of the mirror ring 50mm, 20 represents the size of the nose bridge 20mm, 136 represents the temple size (extended length) 136mm, â–¡ represents the box method, titan represents the titanium material, and col.01 represents the color.

Frame size explanation:
(1) Mirror ring size: refers to the maximum distance between the two vertical lines of the lens.
(2) nose bridge size: refers to the shortest distance between the left and right eyeglasses.
(3) Mirror leg size: The distance from the center of the hinge of the frame to the end of the temple.
(4) Lens Height: The widest distance on the outside of the upper and lower edges of the ophthalmic lens.
(5) Outer width of the frame: The distance between the visible areas of the left and right frames, ie, the distance between the frame and the junction of the two temples.
(6) The inner width of the frame: the distance between the inner sides of the two temples 60mm behind the mirror circle plane.
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The interpupillary distance is measured as the interpupillary distance, which refers to the distance between the centers of the pupils of the two eyes when the eyes of the two eyes are in a front view or parallel state.
If you do not know your own interpupillary distance, you can measure your own, pupil distance measurement diagram:

Step 1: Ask a friend to face you (or stand in front of a 20 cm mirror). Take a millimeter ruler and place it on your nose. "0" on the ruler is aligned with the left pupil.
Step 2: Your eyes look far ahead, and let your friend measure the distance between your two pupils (or read the reflection in the mirror).
Note: Repeat the measurements several times to ensure accuracy. In most cases, the interpupillary distance is between 57mm and 67mm, the most common being 63mm.
The choice of glasses frames 3.00ds within the low degree, according to the need to choose ordinary refractive index lenses, such as 1.499 ~ 1.56, because the degree itself is not deep if the frame is appropriate, the lens is not thick, lighter weight.
3.00ds~5.00ds can choose medium refractive index lens such as 1.59, because it is more consistent from the cost-effective or from the aesthetic experience.
Above 5.00s, it is best to choose high refractive index lenses, such as 1.64 ~ 1.74, high number of customers choose high refractive index lenses, lenses thinner and more beautiful.
The shape of the mirror ring shape is more common than the round shape, oval shape, square shape, and polygonal shape.
Round: in the rules, Sven, a book gas.
Oval shape: smooth lines, subtle and reserved, suitable for gentle and quiet ladies mm.
Square: classic style, decent, suitable for stable men and capable ladies, in line with the trend of neutrality.
Polygon: The hexagonal and octagonal diamonds that are derived from square frames are fashionable and new to humans.
Boxes and round boxes are not strictly divided, and the neutral styles with “circle in the square and round in the square” are suitable for all ages.
Frame Style Category Full Frame Frame: Frame with full frame edge.
Half-rim frame: half of the frame is embedded in the square groove of the lens with nylon thread to fix the lens frame.
Combined frames: mostly two sets of front and rear mirror rings, behind the installation of corrective lenses, the front for the installation of color or sunglasses.
Folding frames: can be carried out on the bridge of the nose with a few mirror legs to make it easy to carry.
Frame and face with frame selection is based on the wearer's face shape, skin color, etc. to select the frame to achieve facial weakness, highlight the decorative effect of the advantages, the basic shape of the person is long, square, round, heart Four shapes.
Rectangular - suitable for dark, high-angled spectacle frame Long face Selectable mirror circle Darker color frame, sufficiently high mirror circle with wide-brimmed temples, can fade the effect of long face.
Square face - suitable for round mirrors with slim mirror legs Square face with fine mirror legs and round mirror rings, in addition, half-frame style frames, can make the face feel pulled into a square face coordination.
Round face - suitable for square frames without round edges and corners, in the frame to choose the upper circle of the mirror should be short, angular edge of the situation will be able to enhance the rectangular edge, half frame frameless frame, able to To elongate face effect.
Heart-shaped face - for oval small frame heart-shaped face forehead than the paragraph, the mandibular is narrow and sharp, can use the lower frame of the mirror ring connector to dilute the narrow-nose contour, compared to other face type selection frame style wider.
Match glasses on different occasions Principle Formal occasions: Suitable for wearing glasses with smaller frames and exquisite styles, both elegant and capable;
Casual, partying, etc.: Suitable for selecting some fashionable, large-framed glasses that look youthful and fashionable. Of course, you can also choose some glasses with irregular shapes according to your preferences, and enter some personalized parties. Catering to the retro trend of the 21st century, retro black frames and smashing mirrors that are popular around the world. Suitable for stylish, scent-conscious people.
Other collocation items Men choose more plain, such as gold, silver, gray, brown and so on.
Tall, strong, darker people should not choose light-colored, slender frames.
Thin skinned people should not choose dark, heavy frames. Frame glasses should pay attention to the coordination of color, not too much contrast, while everyone's wishes and special requirements is also an important basis for purchase.
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