Color decoration technology analysis - one of troubleshooting

Some failures and defects are easily caused in color decoration. The following countermeasures are mainly adopted.

1. Discoloration

In the course of use, the color of the ink film changes, and its hue, lightness, and chroma greatly deviate from the standard color mark.

the reason:
(1) It is caused by the action of eyesight (mainly short-wave zone), humidity, high temperature, and corrosive gases (such as sulfur dioxide) in the air;
(2) The weatherability of the ink used is poor;
(3) The organic pigment migrates through the ink film during aging of the ink film, precipitation of the plasticizer, and the like.

(1) Select the appropriate ink according to the conditions of use of the substrate;
(2) Select an ink with excellent weatherability.

Air Bag For Toner Cartridges                                    
Product description:                                    
  1. Column air bags are suitable for all toner cartridges in the market, no matter the brand and model No.                                     
  2. The air bags are made of 5 or 7 layers PE/PA films with the thickness of 60-100um. More layers film is                                    
       available according to the requirement of clients.                                    
  Standard color: Clear / Black(UV protection)                                    
  Optional : Can custom print color / logo / graphic up to 6 colors                                    
  Standard style: Q-bag / U-bag / L-bag / C-bag / End Cap                                    
  Standard coating: None / ESD                                    
  Film thickness: 0.05~0.1mm                                    
  Size of tube(Before/After inflatable): 2cm/1.4cm, 3cm/2cm, 4cm/3cm, 6cm/4.5cm, 9cm/7cm                                    
  Maximum air pressure :  ~12psi                                    
  Practical air pressure : ~8psi   --  ~10psi                                    
Product Feature:                                    
  1. The Column Air Bag is a new packaging system filled with natural air for the toner cartridge to form-closed                                     

      and lasting shock resistant, can really reduce the toner cartridge loss rate during transport.                                   

  2. Air bag is flat and thin short before air inflation, do not take up space and save a lot of materials, storage                                     

      space, reduce storage expenses.                                    
  3. Air bags can be recycled after use, will not produce any pollution to the environment.                                    

Air Bag For Toner Cartridges

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