Confidex Releases Reusable RFID Tags

Finnish company Confidex, a company that helps printing and packaging companies develop RFID tags for use in the supply chain, has released the world's first low-cost EPC Gen 2 reusable UHF tag Survivor survivor.

Timo Lindstrom, Confidex's CEO, said that the current market's reusable UHF tags are expensive, typically between $4 and $6, and they don't have EPC's reusable tags, and they feel they can do something for that market demand. jobs. With Confidex, the Survivor "Survivor" has launched a reusable EPC tagging project. The Survivor tag is designed for reusable assets such as trays and carts. The Survivor tag is designed with a very rugged housing to protect it from physical collisions. It can operate in harsh RF environments, including high humidity or metal environments where RF ultra-high frequency signals are eliminated or Weakened).

Survivor "Survivors" Released by Confidex EPC Gen 2 Reusable UHF Tags

The physical characteristics of the Survivor tag:

IC chip: Impinj 96-bit IC chip antenna: Confidex design dimensions: 223 x 23 x 8 mm
Operating frequency: 865 – 868 MHz (Europe), 902 – 928 MHz (United States)
Working distance: 5m Europe, 7m US Communication Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen 2
Memory: 96-bit user memory (pre-programmed)
Packaging Material: HIPS [High-Strength Polystyrene]
IP Rating: IP 56 (IEC60529) Resists dust and high pressure water flow

The market price of the Survivor tag: When the order quantity reaches more than 100,000, each is less than US$1; when the order quantity is more than 10,000, each will be between US$2 and US$3. Order cycle is 6 weeks.

Confidex said several customers have tested the Survivor tag in recent months. The company's target customers are more from Europe, because compared to the United States, European customers have greater interest in RFID tracking of reusable assets in the supply chain.

Confidex stated that their ultimate goal is to design a series of special RFID tags. "The Survivor tag is just the beginning," said Lindstrom.

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