Reflection Original Copy Point Analysis - Printmaking

Six, print

1. The characteristics of print

Printmaking is the use of pens and knives to characterize the layout of various plates, and uses magnolias, watermarks, or water-lacquered seals to reproduce a single painting of multiple works. It has a powerful black line, strong and vivid color halo tone, strong contrast, the dark part of the screen wood grain traces, ups and downs.

Prints can be divided into: wood engravings, copper engravings, lithographs. Woodcut is one of the common prints. The picture shows the knife edge, knife taste, and wood mark that are etched by the knife. Wood engraving is divided into two kinds of monochrome and color. Overprint woodcuts generally still have black as the main color version. However, there are also color-based, black is reduced to a secondary color. Focus on the screen color, copy the spot color processing.

A lithograph is a painting created directly or indirectly on a layout with a brush or light pen. Better lithographs show monochromatic figures that are softer and richer on the face and level, and the contrast between black and white is extremely obvious.

Copper engraving uses engraving or engraving to sculpt lines and forms a concave pattern by etching. It is dominated by black and white lines, arranged in dense lines to express the shape and brightness of the scene. Not suitable for copying

Express with dots.

2. Shiban surface printing plate production requirements

Color prints can be used to remove the copy or non-color structure replication process. Scan the negative net and spell it into a screen version. If using the background color removal replication method, the black version should be used dot version, but the given value is deep, tolerance is small, the tone is particularly steep, black lines three-color version for a substantial background removal, so as not to overprint and ink layer paste .

Fine product layout, can use 150 fine mesh scanning, increase the amount of subtle level of emphasis to improve the clarity of subtle lines and contours. And pay attention to emphasize not to overdo it, so as to avoid the edge of the edge of the contour phenomenon, should make the woodcut lines in the fine and natural, maintain the original style.

In the ink color matching, the ink hue can be appropriately lightened, and the amount of ink in the printing can be appropriately increased, and the solid color can be achieved in solid clothes. In order to maintain the color balance, the black ink with high coloring ink should also be considered to obtain a good outline effect and a clear outline of the layout.

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