East Leap Refrigeration teaches you how to perform the maintenance of condensers for chiller components

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The chiller component condenser maintenance work should be carried out: any chiller equipped with a condenser, the use of a long time, the performance will gradually decline, the results will make the system's condensing pressure higher than normal operation Condensation pressure. In order not to degrade the condenser, the condenser needs to be regularly maintained.

The condensers used in small-scale refrigeration equipment are mainly air-cooled condensers (air-cooled chillers) and water-cooled condensers (water-cooled chillers). According to the different types of condensers (refer to the reading " Type sharing of industrial chiller condenser type selection case "), the way to clean the scale is not the same, here are two commonly used condenser maintenance:

1, air-cooled condenser is based on the air as a cooling medium, because the air often dust, some of the dust will be bonded to the condenser fins on the outer surface, a long time, will make the condenser cooling effect worse, Especially where the environment is harsh, it should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method is: simple dust can be blown clean with compressor air, etc. If there is more dirt, non-corrosive cleaning agent should be used to clean the heat pipe and fins to achieve the purpose of improving heat dissipation.

2. For water-cooled condensers, the main problem is to remove scale. The cleaning cycle depends on the quality of the water. Poor water quality (such as landscape and deep well water) is cleaned at least once a year. The water quality is good and can be cleaned once every 2 to 3 years.
A small water-cooled chiller is equipped with a jacket-type water-cooled condenser that can be pickled. The specific method of operation is to remove the condenser and release the accumulated water, and then inject 10% of dilute sulfuric acid solution into the chamber until the outlet of the outlet has a solution. Diluted sulfuric acid can stay in the condenser for 20 to 30 minutes before being released. This is repeated two or three times. Finally, the connecting pipe for the cooling water pipe and the condenser is installed, and the cooling water valve is opened for 10 to 20 minutes. The anti-scaling and cleaning work is finished.

In an industrial chiller refrigeration system, compressors, evaporators, condensers, and throttling devices are indispensable to the refrigeration system. The condenser is a device that emits heat and absorbs the heat absorbed in the evaporator. The heat converted by the compressor function is transferred to the cooling medium and taken away. It is one of the important roles of the refrigeration system. Once the performance is reduced, it directly affects the cooling capacity of the chiller.


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